SAP Table - CF712

SAP TableCF712
DescriptionEC Integration: EVA
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryExecutive Information System

SAP Executive Information System Tables

T2711Master data table: ContinentEC-EIS
T2710Master data table: Area (Countries)EC-EIS
T2803Master data texts: ManufacturerEC-EIS
T271IMaster data table: town xxEC-EIS
TKCODSAP-EIS: Object types in the object listEC-EIS
T2738Master Data Table: Customer 00EC-EIS
KCSLTSAP-EIS: data slice meaningEC-EIS
KCSLUSAP-EIS: assigning data slices to usersEC-EIS
TKCKAKey Figures, Aspect Assignment (SAP-EIS)EC-EIS
KCSLOSAP-EIS: Selection requirements for data slicesEC-EIS

Full List of SAP Executive Information System Tables