SAP Table - CJIT09T

DescriptionJIT : Text for Sort Variant from CJIT09
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Automotive

SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables

JITCUCustomer dataIS-A
PPC_RPReporting Point InformationIS-A
CVLC10VELO : Availability StatusIS-A
JIT_AZVARDisplay variant in JIT cockpit or graphical progress.IS-A
CVLC34DVELO : Determine Acknowledge Category by Actiondeterm. CodeIS-A
CDLCNONRSupplier-specific Delivery Confirmation NumberIS-A
ESDGRPDI 3.0 ESD Maintain Message GroupsIS-A
CVLC12VELO : Status - Availability, Locations, Planned Dely TimeIS-A
CVLC22VELO : Assign Message Determination Schema to PlantIS-A
JITTC1Subscreen Profile for Tree ControlIS-A

Full List of SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables