SAP Table - CJIT16

DescriptionJIT: Control Profile Internal Call (Warehouse Release Order)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Automotive

SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables

JITCRITText Table for Selection Criteria in JIT CockpitIS-A
DPSPPC_ORDTYPESDP SPP: Document Type configuration for Order creationIS-A
RLREPROC_ITEMItem Default Data for Reprocessing RecordIS-A
VLCSEARCHFIELDVELO : Search Flds (Selections) Vehicle Search (for Profile)IS-A
JITINFOTText Table for Infotext and LabelIS-A
JITCTYPE1Call Types per ApplicationIS-A
CJIT01JIT: Call ControlIS-A
CVLC_TSTMPVELO : Time of Last BW ExtractionIS-A
CVLC_CHAR_LINKVELO : Assigning Class Characteristics to BW CharacteristicsIS-A
MHIS_UNPACKEDCopy of DB table MHIS (Data category INT4 replaced by NUMC)IS-A

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