SAP Table - CSL_M

DescriptionCSL: Token Manager
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryClient/Server Technology

SAP Client/Server Technology Tables

CSL_MEOMCSL: Mapping EOTY <-> EODD to be Used for a Token ManagerBC-CST
CSL_MCSL: Token ManagerBC-CST
CSL_EOTYCSL: Cross-Component and Cross-Release Object TypeBC-CST
CSL_MTLKCSL: Assignment Token Manager to TokenBC-CST
CSL_EOMPCSL: Mapping Ddic Block Object <-> Block Object TypeBC-CST
TEMSICentral ID assignment for Express messagesBC-CST
TEMSGSystem MessagesBC-CST
CSL_UBRCSL: Open (Unbalanced) ReferencesBC-CST
CSL_CCLCSL_ Uni-Directional Logical Communication Channel - ElementBC-CST
SEPP_REGISTRYDeprecated; do not use this DB tableBC-CST

Full List of SAP Client/Server Technology Tables