SAP Table - CVLC00

DescriptionVELO : Global VMS parameters
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Automotive

SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables

DLCNOLast Delivery Confirmation Number to VendorIS-A
VLCCHPROFINDVELO : Configuration Change Profile Determination TableIS-A
CRLEVTYTDescription of transaction type for RP accountIS-A
CFLT01SDP-FLT: Customizing for Fleet Data in Ref. Object ScreenIS-A
CVLC18VVELO : Vehicle Search Area - Sales OrganizationIS-A
DPVMSC_UACTDETVMS DP : Determine User ActionIS-A
JITPPJIT : Production InformationIS-A
CVLC01VELO : Action ControlIS-A
CJIT08JIT : Control of Components Groups DeterminationIS-A
PPC_MATSuper BOM for Backflushed MaterialsIS-A

Full List of SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables