SAP Table - DFMCA_BRF182

DescriptionBRF: Parameter for Accessing Context Data with Where Conditn
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryIndustry-Specific Component Public Sector

SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables

TFMCA_FPF_FBTCONForm Bundle Type - ConfigurationIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF591BRF: Process Business Partner (Other fields of BUT000)IS-PS
DFMCA_BRF481BRF: Parameters for Turnaround Letter in Form ProcessIS-PS
TFMCA_BRF280BRF: Charge Rate for Calculating Charges and InterestIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF750BRF: Address CheckIS-PS
DFMCA_TF_MFT_D_LLine Item Table of Motor Fuel Tax Disbursement ScheduleIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF880BRF: Calculate Interest - IIIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_CLUBTIS-PS-CA: Set Hierarchy Cluster Builder Business Part. EnvirIS-PS
TFACT_CATTFact Categories TextsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF151BRF: Parameter for Billing Document HeaderIS-PS

Full List of SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables