SAP Table - DFMCA_BRF650

DescriptionBRF: Business Partner Reading
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryIndustry-Specific Component Public Sector

SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables

DFMCA_BRF100Parameters for Additional ItemsIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF690BRF: Read Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF169BRF: Start Workflow Action - ContainerIS-PS
PS4SD_FIKEY_TEMPSocial Services: Reconciliation Key Root and SetIS-PS
TPSOB002Screen Sequence for Each Object Type and Hierarchy LevelIS-PS
DFMCA_RETURN_MData Table for Additional Accounting Data in ReturnIS-PS
TPSOB001Definition: Type of Contract ObjectIS-PS
DPSOB_BP_ACCData for Contract Object for Each Partner & Cont. Acct Cat.IS-PS
TFMCA003TInvoice Types TextsIS-PS
DPSOBContract Object in Collection and DisbursementIS-PS

Full List of SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables