SAP Table - DFMCA_BRF901

DescriptionBRF: Form Bundle Accounting Data Update
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryIndustry-Specific Component Public Sector

SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables

TFMCA_FPF_RLGRFPF: Processing Variant for a Form Bundle TypeIS-PS
DPSOB_UPDWNLOAD2Contract Object: Mapping DownloadIS-PS
TPSOB001Definition: Type of Contract ObjectIS-PS
DFMCA_FORM_CONTSData Table for Data Container KeyIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF450BRF: Action - Property Tax AmountIS-PS
TFMCA_COV_CLUBTIS-PS-CA: Set Hierarchy Cluster Builder Business Part. EnvirIS-PS
TFMCA_FPF_BRFPAPFPF: determination of BRF+ application and functionIS-PS
DFMCA_BRF580BRF: Parameters for Activating TOBLIS-PS
PSSCC_PMNT_FAM_TDescription for payment familiesIS-PS
TFMCA_ISR2REVCustomizing Table for Revenue Type for ISR ScenarioIS-PS

Full List of SAP Industry-Specific Component Public Sector Tables