SAP Table - EHSWAT001

DescriptionMD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/Transporter
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryWaste Management

SAP Waste Management Tables

EHSWAT_MNBPWaste Manifest/Delivery Note: PartnersEHS-WA
EHSWAC_EANOCATDocument Category - Disposal ProcessingEHS-WA
EHSWAC_APPCATWCApproval Types - Permitted Number of Waste Codes per CatalogEHS-WA
EHSWAC_MNDYNPROScreens for Screen Exit for Disposal DocumentsEHS-WA
EHSWAC_ENTAMFOFDFunctions for Disposal Processing: TextsEHS-WA
EHSWAC_MNDYNPRODLanguage Table for Screens for Screen ExitEHS-WA
EHSWAC_MNTABSCustomizing Tab PagesEHS-WA
EHSWAT000_LKEYMD (BDT): Dummy Table for Partner Lock ConceptEHS-WA
EHSWAC_ROLECheck Table for Disposal Document RolesEHS-WA
EHSWAT100MD (BDT): Business Partner RolesEHS-WA

Full List of SAP Waste Management Tables