SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Tables

VEDGDG: Supplement Table for DG Data (Handling Unit)EHS
CVCBPEHS: Business process - valid business process IDsEHS
TDG86Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assgmt Profile DescriptionsEHS
TDG85Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assignment ProfilesEHS
TDG41DG: DG Indicator Profiles for Material MasterEHS
TCGL3EHS: Report ApplicationsEHS
TCGL1EHS: Report typesEHS
TCGC3EHS: Exchange profileEHS
TCG86EHS: Characteristic ratingEHS
TCG76EHS: Component categoryEHS
TCG52EHS: Language-Dependent Description for Property TreeEHS
TCG51EHS: Property TreeEHS
TCG36EHS: Specification Authorization ObjectEHS
TCG31EHS: Specification TypeEHS
TCG02EHS: Description - Specification Value Assignment CategoryEHS
TCG01EHS: Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)EHS
TDG87Exceptions to DG Regulations: Assgmt Objects to Assgmt Prof.EHS
TDG95DG: Define Level of Dangerous Goods PackagingEHS
DGMS2DG: Dangerous Goods Document Table (Appendix Table)EHS
DGMSDDG: Dangerous Goods Document Table DGMSDEHS
TCG96EHS: Usage profileEHS
TDGD7DG: Assignment Indicator Category / Regulation ProfileEHS
DGTPKDG: Packing RequirementEHS
TDGD5DG: Definition of an Indicator CategoryEHS
TDGD2DG: Description Regulation ProfileEHS
TDG96DG: Text Table for Level of Dangerous Goods PackagingEHS
TDGD1DG: Definition of a Regulation ProfileEHS
TDGA1DG: Activating Dangerous Goods ChecksEHS
TDGC5DG: Dangerous Goods Management Profile for SD DocumentsEHS
TDGC6Text table for DG indicator profiles in the delivery headerEHS
VBEPDGAppendix Table for Dangerous Goods DataEHS
THM072Risk Potential DescriptionEHS
THM071DG: Risk PotentialEHS
LIPSDGAppendix Table for Dangerous Goods DataEHS
TDG102Dangerous Goods Packaging Status DescriptionsEHS
TDG101Dangerous Goods Packaging StatusEHS
HSMC_BDAActivation of Extended Hazardous Substance ChecksEHS
EHQMT_GRPEH&S-QM: Assignment of Phrase Groups to Code GroupsEHS
EHS_TDG83Categories of PackageEHS
DGTEXCEPTExceptions to DG Regulations - Header TableEHS
EHQMT_CODEEH&S-QM: Assignment of Phrases to CodesEHS
DGTMD_LKEYDG: Dummy Table for Lock Object on Log. Key for DGTMDEHS
DGTEXCUNNOExceptions to DG Regulations: UN NumbersEHS
DGTEXCTEXTSExceptions to DG Regulations: Texts and DocumentsEHS
EHQMT_CODE2EH&S-QM: Assignment of Characteristic Values to CodesEHS
EHQMT_MAIN1EH&S-QM: Subs. Value Assignmt Types for Insp. Plan CreationEHS
EHQMT_MAIN2EH&S-QM: Characteristics for Inspection Plan CreationEHS
T7EHS00_QRELQuestionnaire AssignmentEHS
T7EHS00_QUESTQuestionnaire DefinitionEHS
T7EHS00_QAGENGeneral Answer TypeEHS
T7EHS00_QTYPECatalog entry categoryEHS
T7EHS00_QCRITCriterion Text EH&S Question Catalog (Language-Specific)EHS
DGTEXCCNTRIESExceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: CountriesEHS
T7EHS00_QFORMSpecific Questionnaire: Assign Form and ProgramEHS
T7EHS00_QASPCAnswer Type Application ComponentsEHS
T7EHS00_QASPCTAnswer Type Application ComponentEHS
T7EHS00_QAGENTGeneral Answer TypeEHS
T7EHS00_QSCANPFile Path for the Scanner ASCII FileEHS
EHQMT_CHARTYPEEH&S-QM: Types of CharacteristicsEHS
T7EHS00_QUSREXRegistered User Exit Function Modules for QuestionnaireEHS
T7EHS00_QUESTQIndividual Questions in QuestionnaireEHS
T7EHS00_QGROUPUnique Number of Catalog GroupEHS
T7EHS00_QUESTTLanguage-Dependent Text Table for Table T7EHS00_QUESTEHS
T7EHS00_QTYPETDescription Catalog Entry TypeEHS
T7EHS00_QTOPICSubject Area of Questionnaire (General)EHS
T7EHS00_QEDITORQuestion Text EH&S Question Catalog (Language-Specific)EHS
T7EHS00_QTOPICTSubject Area of Questionnaire (General) Text TableEHS
EHQMT_IP_MEMORYEH&S-QM: Memorize Created Inspection PlansEHS
T7EHS00_QCUSREXRegistered User Exit Function Module for Question CatalogEHS
T7EHS00_QRELTYPObject Type for Questionnaire AssignmentEHS
T7EHS00_QGROUPTLanguage-Dependent Text Table for Catalog GroupEHS
T7EHS00_STATUSTLanguage-Specific Text Table for StatusEHS
EHQMT_CHARTYPETEH&S-QM: Descriptions of Types of CharacteristicsEHS
T7EHS00_ANSWTYPUnique Number of Answer TypeEHS
T7EHS00_CATALOGQuestion CatalogEHS
T7EHS00_QFORMSPCGeneral Questionnaire: Assign Form and ProgramEHS
T7EHS00_QCATFORMQuestion Catalog: Assign Form and ProgramEHS
T7EHS00_FORMTYPTText Table Form TypeEHS
T7EHS00_QRELTYPTText Table for Object Type for Assigning a Function ModuleEHS
EHQMT_BASIC_DATAEH&S-QM: Basic Data for Inspection PlansEHS
T7EHS00_FKATALOGAdministration Data EH&S Question CatalogEHS
T7EHS00_QTFIELDGText Fields for the General QuestionnaireEHS
T7EHS00_QTFIELDSText Fields for Specific QuestionnaireEHS
T7EHS00_CATALOGTLanguage-Specific Text Table for Table T7ehs00_catalogEHS
T7EHS00_ANSWTYPTLanguage-Dependent Text Table for Table t7ehs00_answtypEHS
T7EHS00_QTOP_RELSubject Area Assignment of QuestionnaireEHS
EHSBT_APPL_SCOPEEHS: General Scope of ApplicationEHS
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SAP Basic Data and Tools Tables

TCG06EHS: Assignment TableEHS-BD
RMSDXRMS: Data Repository for User SettingsEHS-BD
RMWBC_10RMS-WB: Object Type ManagementEHS-BD
RMWBA_80RMS-WB: Structure for FavoritesEHS-BD
RMWBC_22Toolbars for a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBC_20RMS-WB: Registration of a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBC_41RMS-WB: Layout HierarchyEHS-BD
RMWBC_40RMS-WB: Tree Format LayoutEHS-BD
RMWBC_21RMS-WB: Registration of a Service GroupEHS-BD
RMWBC_15RMS-WB: Behavior for Data Element - Object TypeEHS-BD

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SAP Product Safety Tables

V000EHS: Conditions for Variant MatchingEHS-SAF
CVCHSEHS: Assignment table for shipping elementsEHS-SAF
CVCHEEHS: Event buffer for report shippingEHS-SAF
CVCETEHS: Error handler - language-dependent error textsEHS-SAF
CVCCNEHS: Language-dependent label for communicationEHS-SAF
CVCHDEHS: Assignment table for default printerEHS-SAF
CVCERDDS: Error handler - recipient allocation (situation, error)EHS-SAF
CVCHUEHS: User exit - synonym allocationEHS-SAF
CVCCOEHS: CommunicationEHS-SAF
CVCHPEHS: Assignment table for cover sheet and ack. of receiptEHS-SAF

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SAP Hazardous Substance Management Tables

HSMC_113Responses for Segregation Rule CheckEHS-HSM
HSMC_110Segregation RegulationsEHS-HSM
HSMC_105Check Schema/WM Objects AssignmentEHS-HSM
HSMC_104Check Schema/Check Method AssignmentEHS-HSM
HSMC_103Check Methods DescriptorEHS-HSM
HSMC_102Check MethodsEHS-HSM
HSMC_101Check Schema DescriptorEHS-HSM
HSMC_100Check SchemaEHS-HSM
HSMC_027EHS: Assignment Source Value to Target ValueEHS-HSM
HSMC_025EHS: Assignment Source Object to Target ObjectEHS-HSM

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SAP Dangerous Goods Management Tables

TDG18DG: Description for danger label numberEHS-DGP
TDG10DG: Label for dangerous goods classesEHS-DGP
TDG09DG: Define dangerous goods classesEHS-DGP
TDG04DG: Short Description for Transport TypeEHS-DGP
TDG03DG: Specify Transport TypeEHS-DGP
ET002Conversion of Phrases in Table Fields (Contents:Translation)EHS-DGP
ET001Conversion of Phrases in Table Fields (Field: Translation)EHS-DGP
TDG17DG: Define danger labelEHS-DGP
TDG12DG: Description for Classification CodeEHS-DGP
TDG21DG: Link table to text IDsEHS-DGP

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SAP Waste Management Tables

EHSWAT100MD (BDT): Business Partner RolesEHS-WA
EHSWAT000MD (BDT): Master Table for the Waste Management Master DataEHS-WA
EHSWAT001MD (BDT): Generator/Disposer/TransporterEHS-WA
EHSWAT_MNWaste Manifest/Delivery Note: Header DataEHS-WA
EHSWAT002MD (BDT): Waste Generation/Disposal/TransportEHS-WA
EHSWAT003MD (BDT): Disposal ChannelEHS-WA
EHSWAC_ROLECheck Table for Disposal Document RolesEHS-WA
EHSWAT_USERUser-Defined SettingsEHS-WA
EHSWAT_MNBPWaste Manifest/Delivery Note: PartnersEHS-WA
EHSWAT_BPIDMD: Partner - Jurisdiction-Dependent DataEHS-WA

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SAP Occupational Health Tables

HRP1403DB table for infotype 1403EHS-HEA
HRP1404DB table for infotype 1404EHS-HEA
T7EHS00RALong-Term Average Rating A - EEHS-HEA
T7EHS00RNExposure Frequency RatingEHS-HEA
T7EHS00_OPTable for Storing OperationsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00RVSReference Value Source (Obsolete)EHS-HEA
T7EHS00RVBExposure Measurement BasisEHS-HEA
T7EHS00RNTExposure Frequency Rating -> Language-Dependent TextsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00RATLong-Term Average Rating: A - E -> Language-Dependent TextsEHS-HEA
T7EHS00RVBTExposure Measurement Basis -> Language-Dependent TextsEHS-HEA

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SAP Industrial Hygiene and Safety Tables

CCIHT_RCEHS: Accident Causes (Root Causes)EHS-IHS
CCIHC_SVEHS: Severity of RiskEHS-IHS
CCIHT_MPEHS: Measurement ProjectEHS-IHS
CCIHT_IPEHS: List of Persons InvolvedEHS-IHS
CCIHC_PBEHS: Probability of RiskEHS-IHS
CCIHT_EPIEHS: Exposure Profile EntryEHS-IHS
CCIHT_IALEHS: Incident/Accident Log - HeaderEHS-IHS
CCIHT_ACHEHS: Safety Measures - HeaderEHS-IHS

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SAP SAP EHS Management Tables

INFA"Incident - Basic Information AllEHS-MGM
EHFNDC_BOBusiness Objects relevant for EHSMEHS-MGM
EHFNDC_EXPTime Intervals for ExposureEHS-MGM
EHPRCC_NORCP: Define normalization variantsEHS-MGM
EHPRCD_BGRImport/export report parameter for background processingEHS-MGM
EHPRCC_ENVEHS: General Environment ParametersEHS-MGM
EHPRCD_LOALetters of access dataEHS-MGM
EHPRCC_EMLACampaign type - partner role assignmentEHS-MGM

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