SAP Table - EHSWAT003

DescriptionMD (BDT): Disposal Channel
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryWaste Management

SAP Waste Management Tables

EHSWAC_APPCATMNCD: Approval Types - Waste Manifest TypesEHS-WA
EHSWAT_USERUser-Defined SettingsEHS-WA
EHSWAC_EAOPTCATApplication Functions per Doc. Categ. in Disposal ProcessingEHS-WA
EHSWAC_APSTATWaste Approval Processing StatusEHS-WA
EHSWAT_BPLIZLicenses for PartnerEHS-WA
EHSWAC_MNFLDCTRLCustomizing: Disposal Documents Field ControlEHS-WA
EHSWAT_ENFODDisposal Processing: Follow-On Document TableEHS-WA
EHSWAT_BPWAAMMD: Partner-Waste Quantity PredictionsEHS-WA
EHSWAT000_LKEYMD (BDT): Dummy Table for Partner Lock ConceptEHS-WA
EHSWAC_EAFOFCATFunctions per Document Category in Disposal ProcessingEHS-WA

Full List of SAP Waste Management Tables