SAP Table - EST0B

DescriptionEHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Packaging Code Approval
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryProduct Safety

SAP Product Safety Tables

TCGQUENAEHS: Language-Dependent Description of QueriesEHS-SAF
TCGGRPOBJEHS: Relationship of Groups to Specification CategoryEHS-SAF
TCGEXTNAMEHS: Description of External CallerEHS-SAF
TCGUPEHS: Unit of Measurement ProfileEHS-SAF
CVDDPEHS: Parameter Values for Report ShippingEHS-SAF
EST0DEHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Risk ClassificationEHS-SAF
CCUNTSPROVSpecial Packing ProvisionsEHS-SAF
ESTLVEHS: Report Variant Language (Labels Only)EHS-SAF
TCG98EHS: Usage profile-rating-validity area assignmentsEHS-SAF
CVCCOEHS: CommunicationEHS-SAF

Full List of SAP Product Safety Tables