SAP Table - EST0B

DescriptionEHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Packaging Code Approval
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryEnvironment, Health and Safety
Sub CategoryProduct Safety

SAP Product Safety Tables

TCGL2EHS: Report type - language-dependent labelEHS-SAF
TCG76RVLIDEHS: Assignment of Component Type to Validity AreaEHS-SAF
TCG21EHS: Identification CategoryEHS-SAF
TCGGRPTYNAEHS: Language-Dependent Description of Object Group TypeEHS-SAF
ESTLSEHS: Report Template SymbolEHS-SAF
CCUNTSPROVSpecial Packing ProvisionsEHS-SAF
CCRCC_SCENTYPEEHS: Scenario-to-Scenario-Category AssignmentEHS-SAF
TCGUPNAMEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Unit of Msmt ProfileEHS-SAF
CCRCC_MISDATACNDEHS: Condition Table: Behavior If Data MissingEHS-SAF
EST07EHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Transport ApprovalEHS-SAF

Full List of SAP Product Safety Tables