SAP Table - HRP1270

SAP TableHRP1270
DescriptionDB Table for Info Type 1270
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryAccounting - General

SAP Accounting - General Tables

TFC_INST_ALL_ORTExtracted Master DataAC
TFC_TEMPL_USRUser-Dependent Data: Fast CloseAC
TFC_ORG_OBJECTSTCustomizing for Org ObjectsAC
TFC_INST_ITEMAdministration of a Job (Report/Transaction or Workflow)AC
TFC_INST_CLS_ITHierarchies for ClosingAC
TFC_TEMPL_VALCharacteristic Values of Org Units per NodeAC
TCC_INDXClosing Cockpit: System Table INDXAC
TFC_INSTANCEInstances of a ProfileAC
FAGL_CLOCO_COMNTComments for Closing CockpitAC

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