SAP Table - JITTC3

DescriptionLayout of Detail Display
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Automotive

SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables

TSUMSCPTText for Scheduling Profile SumJCIS-A
VLCCHPROITEMVELO : Configuration Change Profiles Characteristic AssgmtIS-A
VLC_BBACKVELO : Buy-Back ConditionIS-A
PPC_COMATMaximum Bill of Material of Backflushed Materials (for CO)IS-A
JITINFOTText Table for Infotext and LabelIS-A
CJIT09TJIT : Text for Sort Variant from CJIT09IS-A
DPSPPC_WD_ADDRMapping table: Formatting country - WD component/windowIS-A
JITOTORelationship Summarized JIT Call - Transfer OrderIS-A
VLCGISSUEVELO : Material Document /Goods IssueIS-A
CVLC15TVELO : Texts for CVLC15IS-A

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