SAP Table - J_1AGICD

DescriptionActivity codes for gross income tax declaration
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryLocalization

SAP Localization Tables

J_3RF_REGINV_KIncoming invoice journal transp tab for IBOOKFI-LOC
J_1I_EXIMNPHNMEXIM Notes : Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsFI-LOC
J_3RF_WW_AREADepreciation area for Working wearFI-LOC
J_3RFTAX_FRMTTText table for Electronic Format Version EntriesFI-LOC
IDREPFW_STORPRep.Framework: Data Storage - Sections of ReportFI-LOC
J_1ISERVCService tax detailsFI-LOC
TIVXCCHGENSRCTLocalization Switzerland: GWR Energy Source TextFI-LOC
J_3RFBS5_SELOPSelection criteria values for asset classesFI-LOC
IDCN_ALGACCHIERAccount Level Hierarchy: Account Level Hierarchy (Top Level)FI-LOC

Full List of SAP Localization Tables