SAP Table - J_1IBOND

DescriptionExcise Bonding: Bonds/UT-/Running Bond master
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryLocalization

SAP Localization Tables

J_3RKKR0Account correspondence - summary tableFI-LOC
J_3RTNTVEHTTax-free code of vehicle descriptionFI-LOC
J_1BE_SNDR_DTLMaintain Sender Data for Withholding Tax ReportingFI-LOC
J_3RF_TP_LIST1BInformation of Notification. List 1BFI-LOC
TIVXCPTPROPTYPProperty type (obsolote)FI-LOC
FPIA_GROUP_SUser groups for IoA process (SAP)FI-LOC
J_3RFPM_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - paymentsFI-LOC
FIKZD_REGINV_OUTOutgoing Invoice Registration JournalFI-LOC
J_3RCESSION_CUSTDocument Types Selections For Cession ReportFI-LOC
J_1I_PMLICUTILEXIM : License UtilizationFI-LOC

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