SAP Table - J_3RT007

SAP TableJ_3RT007
DescriptionTax codes for capital construction and assets purchasing
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryLocalization

SAP Localization Tables

J_3RF_TP_COCATTTTransfer pricing text table for company category codesFI-LOC
IDAR_TXCINCInternal Codes in country specific TaxationFI-LOC
DIAN_A_1007_08Cached Data of DIAN Format 1007 version 08FI-LOC
J_3RFTAXRVTTax Accounting: Summary tableFI-LOC
J_3RF_DI_PCUSTAssign Electronic ID to CustomerFI-LOC
J_1I_EXIMLOPREXIM:: Logical Information Object DescriptionsFI-LOC
FIKZD_REGINV_INIncoming Invoice Registration JournalFI-LOC
J_1ADISDOCConfiguration of automatic generation of discount documentsFI-LOC
J_1BNFE_CUST1NF-e: System Configuration per RegionFI-LOC
IDITSR_DMEEDMEE tree IDs for Foreign Trade Declaration ReportingFI-LOC

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