SAP Table - K9RTST8000064

SAP TableK9RTST8000064
DescriptionDerivation rule:profit center Accounting for manu
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryControlling
Sub CategoryProfitability Analysis

SAP Profitability Analysis Tables

K9RID34000028Derivation rule:AC610 Derive Profit Center 1016CO-PA
CE3S_ALAirline Route ProfitCO-PA
TKEBWLREVAQuery Data Transfer: VariablesCO-PA
K9RID38000006Derivation Rule: Assignment to plantCO-PA
TKEPP51CO-PA Planning:Appl.-specific part of planner profile(TKA51)CO-PA
CE1S001Sample operating concernCO-PA
CE1R300Operating Concern IDESCO-PA
T237Name of report structureCO-PA
T2517Table of Characteristic ValuesCO-PA
TKEFACO-PA Archiving Management: Field AssignmentCO-PA

Full List of SAP Profitability Analysis Tables