SAP Controlling (CO) Tables

CSKUCost Element TextsCO
CSKACost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)CO
CSLAActivity masterCO
CSKBCost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)CO
CSKSCost Center Master DataCO
CSKTCost Center TextsCO
CSLTActivity type textsCO
TSADDTable Search: Tables for Additional InformationCO
TKA06Fiscal Year PeriodCO
TKA04Number ranges for CO documentsCO
TKA05Cost Center TypesCO
TKA02Controlling area assignmentCO
TRWCIFI/CO Interface: Components installedCO
TRWCDAC Interface: Component CharacteristicsCO
COKEYCO key sub-numbersCO
TKA08Price variancesCO
TKA30Automatic account assignmentCO
TKA3PAutomatic Account Assignment: Specific AssignmentsCO
TKA3GSubstitute Cost Centers for HR SettlementCO
TKA3CAutomatic Acct. Assignment: Specific AssignmentsCO
TKA3AAutomatic account assignment - default assignmentsCO
TSKEYTable Search: Entity Table of Individual SearchCO
TKA01Controlling AreasCO
WUSL8Where-Used List: Table for Key ReassignmentsCO
WUSL7Where-Used List: Fields for Database AccessCO
WUSL6Where-Used List: Text Tables for the ApplicationsCO
WUSL5Where-Used List: Application Entity TableCO
WUSL4Where-Used List: Application AssignmentCO
WUSL3Where-Used List: Transfer ValuesCO
WUSL2Where-Used List: Text TableCO
WUSL1Where-Used List: Entity TableCO
TKA03Statistical key figuresCO
TRWCAFI/CO Interface: Active ComponentsCO
TSSEKTable Search: Secondary Table AccessesCO
TKA00Control parameters for controlling areasCO
TSOUTTable Search: Fields for OutputCO
WUSL9Where-Used List: Comparison Fields for Indirect SelectionCO
TSAPPLTable Search: Entity Table for ApplicationsCO
SURVEYSurvey Master TableCO
QRP002GUID Table for Account Assignment ObjectsCO
TKACPCCO Line Item Summarization: Fields to be SummarizedCO
WUSL5BWhere-Used List: Dependent Tables for Primary SelectionCO
WUSL11Where-Used List: Fields to be OutputCO
TSVARIWhere-Used List: Table for Key ReassignmentsCO
WUSL10Where-Used List: Dependent TablesCO
TSPRIMTable Search: Fields for Access to Primary TableCO
TSKEYTTable Search: Text Table of Individual SearchesCO
TSEXITTable Search : Possible Exit TimesCO
WUSL9BWhere-Used List: Determination of Field to be LocatedCO
TRWPRCRWIN: Included or Excluded Processes per SubsetCO
TKACPSCO Line Item Summarization: Valid Field SummarizationCO
COKEY2CO Key Subnumbers Enhancement TableCO
WUSL5AWhere-Used List: Exit Modules for the ApplicationsCO
GTDISCDChange Documents for GTDISCO
QISR_APISR: Activities with Automatic UpdateCO
BDSRE24BDS: Relationship InstancesCO
SURREFSSurvey: Array referencesCO
TSVARFBTable Search: Function Modules of ApplicationCO
SURVEYTSurvey Master Table: TextCO
TSAPPLTTable Search: Text Table of ApplicationsCO
WUSLEXITWhere-used list: Possible exit eventsCO
QISRAPPLApplication for Internet Service RequestCO
QISRGRP0ISR: Group MaintenanceCO
QISRGRP1ISR: Assignment - Group to ScenarioCO
QISRGRP2ISR: Assignment System Alias to ScenarioCO
QRP_CPZPReporting Points - Total Values per DateCO
SE16N_LTSE16N: Initial Screen for Layouts, Basic Data (Table)CO
TSVARFBTTable Search: Function Modules of Application, TextsCO
TSAPPLEXTable Search: Exit Modules of ApplicationsCO
SE16N_RFSE16N: Assigns Environment Transactions to a TableCO
CPZPTEMPProduction Reporting Points Periodic Totals Values (Temp)CO
CPZPBACKProduction Reporting Points Periodic Totals Values (Temp)CO
BDSPHF24BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsCO
TSDDICREFTable Search: DDIC Reference of Transfer ValueCO
TSPRIMOBJTable Search: Encoding of Search ObjectCO
TSPRIMSELTable Search : Encoding of Ordinary TableCO
SE16N_LTDSE16N: Initial Screen for Layouts, DataCO
BDSREPR24BDS: Relationship AttributesCO
BDSPHRI24BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsCO
SURLOGSYSSurvey: assignment of application and posting systemCO
COK41C_IDIdentification Table for Posting RunsCO
COK41C_IXIndex Table for Documents in a Posting RunCO
COPPP_HDRCO Postprocessing List - HeadersCO
COPPP_ITMCO Postprocessing List - ItemsCO
CRMCO_ECPECP Parameter for cProjectsCO
BDSPHRE24BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsCO
BDSPHPR24BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsCO
BDSLOIO24BDS: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsCO
BDSCONT24BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)CO
BDSCHKO24BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information ObjectCO
BDSCHKF24BDS: File Name for Last Check-OutCO
BDSLOPR24BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsCO
BDSLORE24BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsCO
BDSPHHR24BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsCO
BDSPHIO24BDS: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsCO
BDSLORI24BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsCO
BDSPHNM24BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsCO
QISRGRP1_TISR: Assignment - Group to ScenarioCO
QISROBJECTInternet Service Request: Object Key TableCO
SUR_APPL_TSurvey: application, text tableCO
SE16N_EXITSE16N: Assigns Exit Events to a TableCO
SURVEYPATHSystem customising Web-Survey (ITS-Path entry)CO
QISRGRP0_TISR: Group MaintenanceCO
SURTARGETSSurvey: Target groupsCO
QISRDAPPLTApplication for Internet Service Request: DescriptionCO
SURQUESEXTSurvey: Enhancement of table T7EHS00_FKATALOGCO
SURDDICREFAssignment of data elements to survey fieldsCO
QISRCONFIGInternet Service Request: Scenario Configuration (XML)CO
SE16N_EDITSE16N: Activation/Deactivation of Editing FunctionsCO
SUR_SSM_WLSurvey Status Manager: assigning survey/worklistCO
BDS_CONN24BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassCO
ACDIAGSHOWAC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC DocumentCO
BDSLOIOT24BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsCO
SURAPPLINTSurvey: Application interface: read data, writeCO
ACT_ASPECTAC Diagnosis Tool: Definition of Views for AC InterfaceCO
COINT_INDXCockpit CO-Integr.: Data for Automatic Message ProcessingCO
IAOM_BS_GRPBusiness Scenario GroupCO
IAOM_SOURCECRM CO Assignment for Settlement ReceiverCO
QISRCONFIGTInternet Service Request: Scenario Configuration - TextCO
SURDOCLINESSurvey documents: rowsCO
QISRTSTATUSISR Status Overview: Buffer TableCO
IAOM_OM_CSCControlling Scenario for Determination in OMCO
COAS_SYSTEMSystem IdentificationCO
IAOM_BS_MAIBusiness Scenario Extensions Control TableCO
DPR_CAUSE_COTexts for Project ReasonCO
FCOMIPHIEDIRUnique Ids for extracted HierarchiesCO
CRMC_TOOL_COCRM Service: Cost Center / Activity Type for ToolCO
FCOMC_SETVERHierarchy VersionsCO
SE16N_CD_KEYTable Display: Change Documents - HeaderCO
QISRCHAR_ADDCharacteristics: Additional Data for FormCO
QISRTEMPLATETemplate for Basic DataCO
QISRCONFIG_SScenario: Status and Object TypeCO
DPR_RATES_COCustomizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project RolesCO
IAOM_OM_EXATExternal Characteristics of Object in Outsourcing ManufactCO
SE16N_OJ_ADDSE16N: Definition of Outer Join TablesCO
SURAPPLFIELDSurvey: SAP field: headerCO
SURDOCHEADERSurvey documents: header informationCO
SEND_REC_RELScreen Variants for Manual Actual Postings in COCO
CRMC_CATS_HRCRM Service: Assignment of CATS Data Entry ProfileCO
SURQUESTQEXTSurvey: Supplements to individual questions of questionnaireCO
SE16N_OJ_VARSE16N: Definition of VariablesCO
CRMC_CATS_COCRM Service: Derivation of Attendance Type and Activity TypeCO
SE16N_OJ_KEYSE16N: Key Table for Outer Join DefinitionsCO
COAS_TRANSFERTransfer Attributes for Object Type in Attribute ServiceCO
IAOM_BS_MAI_TBusiness Scenario Extensions TextsCO
COAS_OBJ_TEXTText for Object Types in Attribute ServiceCO
SURAPPLVECTORSurvey: SAP fields: body (posting arrays)CO
SE16N_OJ_ADDFSE16N: Definition of Outer Join Tables FieldsCO
SE16N_OJ_KEYTSE16N: Text Table for Key Table for Outer Join DefinitionsCO
SE16N_CD_DATATable Display: Change Documents - DataCO
SE16N_OJ_VARTSE16N: Text Table for Variables for Outer Join DefinitionsCO
QSCENARIOROLEProcessor DeterminationCO
CRMC_SVORG_COService OrganizationCO
SEND_REC_RELTText for Screen Variants for Manual Actual Postings in COCO
SURAPPLFIELDTText table: Survey: SAP field: headerCO
QISRSERVERURLInternet Service Request: Server URLCO
FCOMC_CR_ACTNChange Request ActionCO
IAOM_BS_GRP_TBusiness Scenario Group TextsCO
IAOM_CPRO_CSCControlling Scenario for Determination in cProjectsCO
FCOMC_CR_TYPEChange Request TypeCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHFSDOK: Physical information object incoming relationshipsCO
SE16N_ROLE_DEFSE16N: Definition of RolesCO
COMM_CATGRY_COProduct CategoryCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHIOSDOK: Physical information object instancesCO
FCOMTS_CR_LORESDOK: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOsCO
IAOM_CSCENARIOControlling ScenarioCO
FCOMTS_CR_LORISDOK: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsCO
COAS_OBJ_TYPESObject Types in Attribute ServiceCO
FCOMTS_CR_LOPRSDOK: Logical information object descriptionsCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHPRSDOK: Checkout data for physical information objectCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHRESDOK: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsCO
IAOM_BS_MASTERBusiness Scenario Control TableCO
IAOM_CPRO_EXATExternal Characteristics of an Object in cProjectsCO
SURAPPLVECTORTSurvey: SAP field: short array, text tableCO
CRMC_RSVORG_COResponsible Service Organization CRMCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHRISDOK: File name of last checkoutCO
CRMC_PR_TYP_COBusiness Transaction TypeCO
CRMC_IT_TYP_COBusiness Transaction Item TypeCO
COAS_KONT_ATTRAcct Assignment Attributes for Obj.Type in Attribute ServiceCO
DPR_CAUSE_T_COTexts for Project ReasonCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHNMSDOK: Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsCO
QISRSCENARIO_TInternet Service Request: Description of Scenario VersionCO
DPR_RATES_T_COCustomizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project RolesCO
QISR_PRICELISTPrice List for ISR ScenariosCO
SUR_SSM_BUFFERSurvey Status Manager: buffer table for status changesCO
FCOMC_SETVER_TText Table of Hierarchy VersionsCO
FCOMTS_CR_CHKFSDOK: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objectsCO
FCOMTS_CR_CHKOSDOK: Files of Physical Information ObjectsCO
DPR_RATES_CALCCustomizing: Mapping of Cost/Revenue Rates for RolesCO
FCOMTS_CR_LOIOSDOK: Logical information object instancesCO
DPR_LOGB_PARAMTable for Activation of Logbook ParametersCO
KBXXN_TC_ORDERField Sequence in Table Control for Manual Actual PostingsCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHHRSDOK: Use of target anchors in physical objectsCO
CRMC_TSVORG_COTechnician Group (Executing Service Organization)CO
IAOM_BS_GRP_ASSEntry of Business Scenarios in Business Scenario GroupsCO
IAOM_ATTRIBUTESAttributes DefinitionCO
DPR_PROJ_IO_OLDProjects with "Old" IO ScenarioCO
FCOMC_CR_ACTN_TText Table for Change Request ActionCO
SUR_APPLICATIONSurvey: ApplicationCO
COAS_ATTRIBUTESMetadata for Attributes in Attribute ServiceCO
CRMC_SVORG_CO_TService Organization TextsCO
COAS_REFERENCESReferences in Attribute ServiceCO
FCOMTS_CR_LOIOTSDOK: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsCO
COAS_ATTRB_TEXTText for Attributes in Attribute ServiceCO
FCOMT_CR_OBJECTChange Request: ObjectsCO
FCOMC_CR_TYPE_TText Table for Change Request TypeCO
CRMC_PARTNER_COBusiness Partner from CRMCO
COAS_IDENT_ATTRIdentification Attributes on Object Type in AttributeServiceCO
SURFIELDSF4HELPSurvey: assignment of find help to fieldsCO
IAOM_CSCENARIOTControlling Scenario: NameCO
MDSEC_TREE_IMPLImplementation Settings for Master Data TreeCO
SE16N_OJ_VAR_INSE16N: Definition of Input Fields of VariablesCO
QISRSCENARIOACTActivities for ScenarioCO
IAOM_CRMSRV_CTPCustomizing: Determination Controlling Type CRM ServiceCO
IAOM_CRMSRV_CSCCustomizing Controlling Scenario Determination CRM ServiceCO
IAOM_LOGB_PARAMTable for Activation of Logbook ParametersCO
SE16N_USER_ROLESE16N: Assignment of User to RolesCO
QISRSCENARIOAPLISR: Scenario and ApplicationCO
IAOM_CRMFIN_CSCCustomizing Controlling Scenario Determination CRM ServiceCO
IAOM_CRMFIN_CTPCustomizing: Determine Controlling Type for FS LeasingCO
CRMC_SRV_BILL_PRCRM Service: Mapping transaction typesCO
QISRCHAR_EVALHLPCharacteristics: Fields for Extended Search HelpCO
CRMF_OB_TYP_CO_TTransaction Types: TextsCO
CRMC_VALTYP_CO_TValuation Type: TextsCO
CRMC_SRV_BILL_ITCRM Service: Mapping item categoriesCO
IAOM_LST_CST_INTLast Time Point for Interpretation of Cust. CO IntegrationCO
FCOMTS_CR_IDXSTASDOK: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for PHIOsCO
QISRCHAR_EVALKEYKey Fields for Extended Search HelpCO
QISR_WIZ_CLASS_TTexts: ISR Classes That Use Interface IF_ISR_WIZARDCO
QISRSCENARIOXMPOScenario of Extensions to Basic DataCO
FCOMC_CR_ACTN_ASChange Request Action AssignmentCO
QISRTABLESUPDATEContains Table Names Requiring a ModifyCO
CRMC_TSVORG_CO_TTechnician Group (Executing Service Organization) TextCO
FCOMTS_CR_ATTACHSDOK: Table for document contents (import/export)CO
QISRSCENARIOGRPSISR: Scenario Assignment to GroupCO
IAOM_EXT_OBJ_INFGeneral Information on External Object - See DocumentationCO
IAOM_CRMFIN_EXATExt. Attributes of an Ext. Object (Single Obj.Controlling)CO
FCOMTS_CR_PHRIPRSDOK: Attributes of Hyperlink RelationshipsCO
SE16N_ROLE_VALUESE16N: Restriction of Authorization to Tables/FieldsCO
SEND_REC_REL_DEFDefinition of Screen Variants for Manual Actual PostingsCO
CRMC_IT_TYP_CO_TItem Categories: TextsCO
CRMFIN_OB_TYP_COBusiness Transaction TypeCO
IAOM_ASSIGNMENTSAssignment of Ext. Objects to Controlling Objects - See DocuCO
CRMC_PR_TYP_CO_TTransaction Types: TextsCO
IAOM_ASSIGNM_HSTAssignment of Ext. Objects to Controlling Objects: HistoryCO
CRMC_RSVORG_CO_TResponsible Service Organization CRM TextsCO
CRMCO_CONF_COSTSCRM/CO: Actual Costs for ConfirmationsCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHREPRSDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for PHIOsCO
SE16N_ROLE_TABLESE16N: Restriction of Authorization to Tables/FieldsCO
SE16N_OJ_ADD_DISSE16N: Definition of Output FieldsCO
IAOM_EXT_OBJ_HSTGeneral Information on External Object: HistoryCO
FCOMTS_CR_LOREPRSDOK: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for LOIOsCO
FCOMTS_CR_LORIPRSDOK: Logical information object attribute valuesCO
IAOM_CRMSRV_EXATExt. Attributes of an Ext. Object (Single Obj.Controlling)CO
FCOMTS_CR_PHHRPRSDOK: Attributes of Target Anchor RelationshipsCO
SE16N_OJ_VAR_OUTSE16N: Definition of Output Fields for VariablesCO
CRMC_SRVTYP_CO_TService Type: TextsCO
COMM_CATGRY_CO_TProduct Category DescriptionCO
FCOMTS_CR_PHNMPRSDOK: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsCO
SE16N_ROLE_DEF_TSE16N: Definition of Roles, Text TableCO
IAOM_BS_MASTER_TBusiness Scenario TextsCO
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SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables

A132Price per Cost CenterCO-OM
AUAASettlement Document: Receiver SegmentCO-OM
AUAODocument Segment: CO Objects to be SettledCO-OM
AUAKDocument Header for SettlementCO-OM
AUAISettlement Amounts per Depreciation AreaCO-OM
AUABSettlement Document: Distribution RulesCO-OM
AUASSettlement Document: Totals SegmentCO-OM
A139Price per Profit CenterCO-OM
A138Price per Company Code/Business AreaCO-OM
A137Price per Country/RegionCO-OM

Full List of SAP Overhead Cost Controlling Tables

SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables

CKHSHeader: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)CO-PC
CKCMCosting ModelCO-PC
CKBSBase Planning Object - Unit CostingCO-PC
CHZPReporting Points - Change HistoryCO-PC
CEZPReporting Points Line ItemsCO-PC
CKKSHeader: Unit Costing (Control + Totals)CO-PC
CKISItems Unit Costing/Itemization Product CostingCO-PC
CKIPUnit Costing: Period Costs Line ItemCO-PC

Full List of SAP Product Cost Controlling Tables

SAP Profitability Analysis Tables

T255Values for Characteristic "&"CO-PA
TKESCO-PA Basis Field Catalog (fixed fields)CO-PA
T25TText table for characteristic valuesCO-PA
COVAVariants: Cluster TableCO-PA
TKEBManagement for Operating Concerns (Client-Specific)CO-PA
TBVZCO-PA report library (no longer used)CO-PA
T237Name of report structureCO-PA
T239Report version tableCO-PA
TGFTCashflow typesCO-PA

Full List of SAP Profitability Analysis Tables