SAP Table - KOND

DescriptionConditions (Data)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategorySales and Distribution
Sub CategoryMaster Data

SAP Master Data Tables

A006Price List Type/Currency/MaterialSD-MD
A071Material per PlantSD-MD
A567Condition Table for Pricing A567SD-MD
B062Laboratory/Engineering and Design OfficeSD-MD
A019Contract HeaderSD-MD
CRMD_MKTTG_TG_ITG Exchange: Target Group Item (BP Info)SD-MD
CND_MEM_INF_UPLLock Table for Initial LoadSD-MD
TVARCVariant conditionsSD-MD
KOTD001Conditions: Substitution - Sample StructureSD-MD
A743SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD - City/Shpg Cond./VariantSD-MD

Full List of SAP Master Data Tables