SAP Table - MILL_T399X

DescriptionParameters for Partitioning Order - Order Type
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMill Products Industry Solution

SAP Mill Products Industry Solution Tables

MILL_CUT_CUSTMill: Customizing for Cutting Stock TransferIS-MP
MILLOCCUST_DISConfirmation Parameters in the Order CombinationIS-MP
MILLOCCUSTCustomizing Table Combination for Selection ProfileIS-MP
MILL_T399XParameters for Partitioning Order - Order TypeIS-MP
MILL_PBWUMill: Process Batches with UsageIS-MP
MILLOCSPRASelection Profile TextsIS-MP
MILL_CLPROFTProfile for Selection by Characteristics: TextsIS-MP
MILL_CLPROFPProfile for Selection by Characteristics: ItemsIS-MP
MILL_UTMill: Relation Item / Process Batch for Partitioning OrderIS-MP
MILL_CLPROFCProfile for Selection by Characteristics: ClassesIS-MP

Full List of SAP Mill Products Industry Solution Tables