SAP Table - MYML

DescriptionLIFO Material Layer (Annual)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInventory Management

SAP Inventory Management Tables

T159MInv. Managmt Print Function: Active Form Version, LabelsMM-IM
T159GDefault Values for Inventory Sampling ProfileMM-IM
T156SMovement Type: Quantities/Value Posting (Until Rel. 4.5B)MM-IM
ORIG_PR_MBEWSales Price Origin of Last Total Revaluation at RetailMM-IM
PROF_COST_VALTText Table: Purchase Value Change ProfileMM-IM
T159ATest Data for Batch Input in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document ItemsMM-IM
T158BCheck Table: Movement Type for Transaction CodeMM-IM
MWYMBUZLine AssignmentMM-IM
TXSTAMM Inventory Mngmt: Work Table for Phys. Inv. Doc. ArchivingMM-IM

Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tables