SAP Table - OFNUM_TW_2

DescriptionOfficial Numbering by Business Places-enabled ranges(TW)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryLocalization

SAP Localization Tables

VIXCPTRACONTRACTThe table will store the years for the rent adjustment at tFI-LOC
J_3RF_TPTransfer pricing: main customizing tableFI-LOC
EPIC_C_BPSOTCTEPIC: Texts for Bank Payment Service Operation Type CodeFI-LOC
EPIC_C_FORMCONFEPIC: PDF Printing Form ConfigurationFI-LOC
FIQAC_FORM_CODETCustomizing table of PDF form codesFI-LOC
J_1I_EXIM_ATTREXIM : Custom AttributesFI-LOC
FIKZD_PT_RUNSProperty tax Kazakstan: Stored Calculations: HeaderFI-LOC
IDITSR_DOCTYPDForeign Trade Declaration: Document Type DescriptionFI-LOC
FIWTQAD_CERTWithholding tax certificate detailsFI-LOC
J_1BKON1Brazilian Tax Groups Included in Price ConditionsFI-LOC

Full List of SAP Localization Tables