SAP OOK Tables

OOK"Bookshop - Table of BooksBC-BSP
THLPXDocumentation: Transactions Without Links to BooksBC-DOC
T5T58Codebook of states for ELDPPY
T5T54Codebook of cities in ÈRPY
SFLBOFlight Booking OrderBC-XI
TCHLPHelp: Assignment of Books to PackagesBC-DOC
DSYAXStructures: Parameters for Views on a BookBC-CUS-TOL
THLPGHelp: Assignment of Books to PackagesBC-DOC
AMPROAutomatic Test: Log BookBC-TWB
DSYAWStructures: Short text for views on a bookBC-CUS-TOL
SBOOKSingle Flight BookingBC-DWB
DSYAVStructures: Directory of Views on BooksBC-CUS-TOL
DBAGRPLookup Table Operation Group TablesBC-DB
ACTFLIABAP/4 book: FlightsBC-DWB
DBATIDLookup Table for Database TasksBC-DB
DBAFIDLook-Up Table for Database OperationsBC-DB
DBAERRLook-Up Table for Database Operation ErrorsBC-DB
T811DSAllocations: Document Numbers for Segment Reverse/RebookCO-OM
DSYAMRKSO70 bookmarks tableBC-CUS-TOL
RFSCASHCash Book tableFI-GL