SAP Table - PA3204

SAP TablePA3204
DescriptionHR Master Record: Infotype 3204
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryPersonnel Administration

SAP Personnel Administration Tables

T7KRR3External InstitutionPA-PA
T5W2F(Old) RSA Tax ProceduresPA-PA
T7ID1AJamsostek office address (Indonesia)PA-PA
T5H5HAbsence identification to corrected absences on P0441PA-PA
PA0150HR Master Record Infotype 0150 (Social Insurance SA)PA-PA
T5QGPPersonnel area, business subsection (Australia)PA-PA
PA3204HR Master Record: Infotype 3204PA-PA
T51CGLeasing Companies for Company CarsPA-PA
T517AEducational Establishment Types/Final CertificatesPA-PA
T7INL1Leave validation for LTAPA-PA

Full List of SAP Personnel Administration Tables