SAP Table - REBR3T

DescriptionBatch Record: Profile for Deviation Analysis Text
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryProduction Planning for Process Industries

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables

COMHPPI Sheet: Message HeaderPP-PI
TCOOPC_SERVERTOPC: Language-Dependent OPC Server Short TextPP-PI
TCB10TPredefined Message Categories: Language-Dependent textsPP-PI
TCOOPC_EVTSDCOPC: Event Subscription Definition (Event Category)PP-PI
COFVProcess Management: Process Instr. Charact. in Ctrl RecipePP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_HISTXSteps: Historical Objects (Change Status)PP-PI
COFMAPI Sheet: Message Assignment to Process InstructionPP-PI
CMX_XS_DB_XRPXSteps: BAdI Exits, RepositoriesPP-PI
CMX_XSE_DB_PERSXSEditor: Personalization DataPP-PI
CPS_PRESProcess Management - Values for Flag in CustomizingPP-PI

Full List of SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables