SAP Production Planning and Control (PP) Tables

LPO_INTMODEL_WCIntegration model LPO: Integrated Work centersPP
ODATA_PP_POR_UVAssignment of variant to userPP
LPO_INTMODEL_MATIntegration model LPO: Integrated MaterialsPP

SAP Basic Data Tables

AFFHPRT assignment data for the work orderPP-BD
KAKTCapacity DescriptionPP-BD
CRTXText for the Work Center or Production Resource/ToolPP-BD
CRIDCIM Resource - EntitiesPP-BD
CRHSHierarchy StructurePP-BD
CRHHHierarchy Header DataPP-BD
CRHDWork Center HeaderPP-BD
CRFHCIM production resource/tool master dataPP-BD
CRCOAssignment of Work Center to Cost CenterPP-BD
KAKOCapacity Header SegmentPP-BD

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SAP Sales and Operations Planning Tables

ERKOEvent HeaderPP-SOP
PGZUProduct Group/Member Quantity ConversionsPP-SOP
P44VPlanning VersionsPP-SOP
PGPLSales & Operations Planning (SOP)PP-SOP
PGANProportional Factors per Planning Object Relation (SOP/LIS)PP-SOP
PROHBasic Values (for Forecast): Consumption or Actual NumberPP-SOP
PGMIProduct Group/Member AllocationPP-SOP
ERZUEvent AssignmentPP-SOP
S075DRP node informationPP-SOP

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SAP Material Requirements Planning Tables

BLPKDocument log headerPP-MRP
KDVMIndividual Customer Planning File EntryPP-MRP
DVERMaterial Consumption for MRP AreaPP-MRP
DBVMPlanning File Entry, MRP AreaPP-MRP
DBVLPlanning File Entry, MRP Area, Long-Term PlanningPP-MRP
DBPRMaterial Index MRP Area for ForecastPP-MRP
KDVLIndividual Customer Planning File Entry, Long-Term PlanningPP-MRP
KDPLIndex customer order -> planned orderPP-MRP
KBVMIndividual Customer Planning File Entry, MRP AreaPP-MRP
BLPPDocument log itemPP-MRP

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SAP Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems Tables

IST"Control of Distribution of Production Orders to an MESPP-MES
AFDISTDistribution Information on Production OrderPP-MES
TCOSERNRCHECKSerial Number Checks in MES Production OrdersPP-MES
COMES_CONF_PROGTable for MES Confirmation ProgressPP-MES

SAP Production Orders Tables

AFBPCIM order: Batch print requestsPP-SFC
AFVCOperation within an orderPP-SFC
AFRVConfirmation poolPP-SFC
AFRHHeader information for confirmation poolPP-SFC
AFRDDefault values for collective confirmationPP-SFC
AFRCIncorrect cost calculations from confirmationsPP-SFC
AFPOOrder itemPP-SFC
AFKOOrder Header Data PP OrdersPP-SFC
AFRUOrder ConfirmationsPP-SFC
AFFWGoods Movements with Errors from ConfirmationsPP-SFC

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B130Plant/JC prof.PP-KAB
PKEKError Log for Kanban (Event-Driven KANBAN)PP-KAB
PKECError Log for Kanban CalculationPP-KAB
PKCHBatches and Quantities in KANBANPP-KAB
PKSDControl Cycle Item/Additional Data for Kanban With DeliveryPP-KAB
PKENDummy Table for Creating a Block.Object for Sec.Key Tab.PKHDPP-KAB
PKPSControl Cycle Item / KanbanPP-KAB
PKERError Log of the Kanban ContainersPP-KAB
PKPRChange Proposals from Kanban CalculationPP-KAB
PKHDControl CyclePP-KAB

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SAP Repetitive Manufacturing Tables

RMRPHR Data of Repetitive Manufacturing BackflushPP-REM
BLPRDocument Log Index and Planned Order (Backflush)PP-REM
RMIOInput Structure of Repetitive Manufacturing ConfirmationPP-REM
T435IID for Program - Table Control - TC ContextPP-REM
T435CConfiguration Information for a Table ControlPP-REM
T437ATable for Field Selection: Repetitive ManufacturingPP-REM
USPPTCommon User Table for Sequencing and REM Planning TablePP-REM
AFWISTable of Reprocessing Records Already RepostedPP-REM
T437EWithdrawal SequencePP-REM
RESCOReprocessing Pointer TablePP-REM

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SAP Production Planning for Process Industries Tables

AFFTOrder - Process InstructionsPP-PI
COMDProcess Management: Error Log for Message DestinationPP-PI
COMQTemporary Storage for Material Production Messages for QMPP-PI
COMHPP-PI: Header Data for Process MessagesPP-PI
COCCPP-PI: Attributes for CharacteristicsPP-PI
COFTProcess Management: Process Instructions in Control RecipePP-PI
COMEProcess Management: Message CharacteristicsPP-PI
COCHProcess Management: Control Recipe HeaderPP-PI
COFVProcess Management: Process Instr. Charact. in Ctrl RecipePP-PI
AFFVOrder - Process Instruction ValuesPP-PI

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SAP Plant Data Collection Tables

PDERRError Table for Subsystem ConfirmationPP-PDC
RUECKTemp. storage for subsystem confirmationsPP-PDC
T705RAssignment of work center to subsystem link groupPP-PDC
T705WPDC Communication ParametersPP-PDC

SAP Flow Manufacturing Tables

LDLTLine hierarchy takt timesPP-FLW
OPITSchedule record for planned orderPP-FLW
LDLHLine hierarchy headerPP-FLW
LDLPLine hierarchy itemsPP-FLW
TSPG1Display profile for ordersPP-FLW
TSPG0Display profile for sequencingPP-FLW
LDMDRLine Hierarchy Material-Dependent RatesPP-FLW
LDLBCTakts/no. of ind. capacities per line segment line balancePP-FLW
LDLBTLine hierarchy entry and exit taktsPP-FLW
LDLBPLine balance itemsPP-FLW

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SAP Information System Tables

MCAFKOVVersions: Order Header Data - PP OrdersPP-IS
MCAFPOVVersions: Order ItemPP-IS
MCAFVGVVersions: Order ProcedurePP-IS
MCCOMPVVersions: Material ComponentsPP-IS
MCKALKVVersions: Cost ItemizationPP-IS
MCKALKWVersions: Cost ItemizationPP-IS
MCPPCUSTPerformance Customizing: PPISPP-IS

SAP Production Network Tables

GHO_OTSGHO Order Template StructuresPP-PN
GHO_STATNetwork Object StatusPP-PN
GHO_WC_OVRWell Completion Override Details TablePP-PN
GHO_STAT_TText Table for Netobj StatusPP-PN
GHO_PE_TYPOil and Gas Entity Types CustomingsPP-PN
GHO_MEAS_TMeasurement Text TablePP-PN
GHO_TB_TYPTurbine Type of Driven UnitPP-PN
GHO_DISP_TDisposition TextsPP-PN
GHO_MEASDTMeasurement DetailsPP-PN
GHO_MTR_OMOperating ModePP-PN

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