SAP Table - RKPF

DescriptionDocument Header: Reservation
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInventory Management

SAP Inventory Management Tables

T158NNext Transaction Code in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
MYSTABalance Sheet Valuation: Procedure Statistics TableMM-IM
MYMP1RStorage for Invoice Differences (LIFO/FIFO)MM-IM
T157BDescr. of Qty Fields (Plant Stock Avail., Stock Display)MM-IM
MMIM_CONTROL_LOGInventory Management: General Control TableMM-IM
TNIW8HWeighting of Stock Quantities per Period (Lowest Value)MM-IM
T159BParameters for Batch Inputs in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T063FFunction Codes: Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T159HLong Text for Inv. Sampling ProfileMM-IM

Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tables