SAP Table - SSCH

DescriptionStrata of Inventory Sampling
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInventory Management

SAP Inventory Management Tables

SKPFHeader Data: Inventory SamplingMM-IM
T023XException Table for Value-Only Material DeterminationMM-IM
MMIM_REP_PRINTPrint Settings, Reporting MM-IMMM-IM
MWXVM07MFields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07MMM-IM
TNIW7Weighting Factors for Consumption Values (Deter.Lowest Val.)MM-IM
T157RDisplay Rule for Availability BlockMM-IM
TMY04Company Code Parameters for LIFO/FIFO ValuationMM-IM
T157EText Table: Reason for MovementMM-IM
MYMLMLIFO Material Layer (Monthly)MM-IM
MYMP1Receipt Data LFIO/FIFO ValuationMM-IM

Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tables