SAP Table - STVB

DescriptionBills of Material - Serialization of Posting
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryLogistics Basic Data

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

WRF_DISPRO_CUSTCustomizing for All Levels for Time-Dep. Data for PromotionsLO-MD
SSTN_CERT_RAT_TCertificates TextLO-MD
WAGUValidity of plant groups - IS-RLO-MD
WGDS_PROCESS_T_CStandard processes that use Rule Engine - Text tableLO-MD
TWEWTDescriptions for External Material GroupsLO-MD
KNASCustomer master (VAT registration numbers general section)LO-MD
TMETTDescription for unit of measure categoriesLO-MD
TWRVTTexts: return agreementLO-MD
DMF_D_SELOPTSelect Options used for initial promotion transferLO-MD
WRF_CHARVAL_HEADHeader Table for Controlling CharacteristicsLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables