SAP Logistics - General (LO) Tables

A162Trading Contract: Invoice RecipientLO
A190Condition Table for Pricing A190LO
A191Condition Table for Pricing A191LO
A192Country/Goods Rec./StCla-MatLO
A193Condition Table for Pricing A193LO
A364Trading Contract/Vendor/MaterialLO
A365Trading Contract/Vendor/MaterialLO
A366Trading Contract NumberLO
OIH5Definition of Excise Duty Handling Type (IS-OIL-TDP)LO
WBHDTrading Contract: Commercial DataLO
WBHETrading Contract: Schedule LinesLO
WBHFTrading Contract: Document FlowLO
WBHITrading Contract: Item DataLO
WBHKTrading Contract: Header DataLO
WBHPTrading Contract: Partner AssignmentLO
CHALCCustomizing table for Swiss alcohol processingLO
OIB01Definition of Conversion GroupsLO
OIB06HPM Unit of Measurement Group: DefinitionLO
OIJTSTransport system (IS-Oil TSW standard/core object )LO
T6WL5Check Table - Label TypeLO
TB2BATrading Contract: Application StatusLO
TB2BBTrading Contract: Status Group DefinitionLO
TB2BCTrading Contract: Purchasing GroupingLO
TB2BDTrading Contract: Sales GroupingLO
TB2BETrading Contract: Trading Contract TypeLO
TB2BFTrading Contract: Status Group/Application Stat. LinkLO
TB2BGTrading Contract: Incompleteness GroupLO
TB2BHTrading Contract: Incompleteness FieldsLO
TB2BITrading Contract: Communication Tables for Trading ContractLO
TB2BJTrading Contract: Item CategoriesLO
TB2BKTrading Contract: Links From Item Category And DocumentationLO
TB2BLTrading Contract: Allowed Field Changes Trading ContractLO
TB2BMTrading Contract: Assignment: Expense and Condition TypeLO
TB2BNTrading Contract: Assignment of Expense Type CondType GrpLO
TB2BOTrading Contract: Assignment of Expense Type to ApplicationLO
TB2BPTrading Contract: Assignment of Contract Type to Condit.GrpLO
TB2BRTC: Item Texts Types Whose Changes are to be SavedLO
TB2BSTC: Header Text Types Whose Changes are to be SavedLO
TB2BTText Types for Display of Changes (Header)LO
TB2BUText Types for Display of Changes (Item)LO
WYT2MVendor-Dependent Characteristic Value ConversionLO
BEWARTMovement type texts for Swiss specificsLO
CHWEINMaterial groups required for wine processingLO
HBSAFFAffected building in Home Building SolutionLO
HBSAUTHelper table for auto generation ...LO
HBSCMPCommunity Plan Data within Home Building SolutionLO
HBSCNBConfiguration <-> condition indexingLO
HBSFSPHelp dummy tableLO
HBSPPHPermitted Development PhasesLO
HBSRLCCharacteristics for RulesLO
HBSRLSAffected Building ListLO
HBSSPHPermitted Sales PhasesLO
MNTCNTMaintenance Control in Distributed SystemsLO
TB2BATTrading Contract: Application Status DescriptionLO
TB2BBTTrading Contract: Status Group DescriptionLO
TB2BCTTrading Contract: Purchasing Grouping DescriptionLO
TB2BDTTrading Contract: Sales Grouping DescriptionLO
TB2BETTrading Contract: Trading Contract Type DescriptionLO
TB2BGTTrading Contract: Text Table, Incompleteness GroupLO
TB2BJTTrading Contract: Item Category DescriptionsLO
CHBSEXPPossible entries for the Building /part ExposureLO
CHBSFBTFitlist-Relevant Building TypesLO
CHBSFCGFitlist-Relevant Char. GroupsLO
CHBSFMTFitlist relevant material groupsLO
CHBSHTPPossible Sales unit typesLO
CHBSMWBWeb related info to modelsLO
CHBSNCMPossible entries for the target incomeLO
CHBSPRPReports offered at the pre-sales toolLO
CHBSRLNPossible relations for affected buildingsLO
CPSTOCKResult list for stock information for MSALO
OIFSPBLPhysical Location - Master DataLO
TB2BSGRStatus Group for Process ControlLO
CHBSEXPTtext for entries for the Building /part ExposureLO
CHBSHTPTText table for home typesLO
CHBSINTCRE-SCM - "sold to interal party" for canceled sales!LO
CHBSNCMTText table for the target incomeLO
CHBTIV00Field status definitions for Real Estate object mgmtLO
CHSPIRITMaterial groups required for spirits processingLO
ECP_MLSTStatus for milestonesLO
EPM_CODEKey Management for KPI ValuesLO
EPM_VIEWUser-Specific Combination of KPIsLO
TB2BSGRTDescription of status groupLO
CHBSPSTYPCustomizing for PS<->RE-SCM link typesLO
CRMC_TEXTCRM: General Mapping Table for TextsLO
CRMVBREF2SD Object Link to Item ReferencesLO
OIG_TVFTKTD-F Determination: Valuation Class of Shipment Cost ItemsLO
TB2BF_REFLink Status Group/Application StatusLO
CRMBINREL2Object Relationship Service: Generic Binary LinksLO
CRS_BLOCKSBlocks for Initial Download Customer MasterLO
HBSCREASONContingency reasonsLO
IVPH_MTARTPharma IView - material type tableLO
MGWPICTURECustomizing Image DataLO
CPCRMSTOCK1Define stock values on material levelLO
CPCRMSTOCK2Define stock values on material group levelLO
HBSCREASONTContingency reason textLO
HBS_NETWORKList of Networks to be scheduled with next mass schedulingLO
MGWUSRINDEXSelection Worklist (User)LO
TB2BCPA_DEFDefault Values for Copy ProcessesLO
ZGI_VEHICLEVehilce Make, Model and BadgeLO
CMDET_S06667Individual Records for Updating External Credit DataLO
CRMC_CO_HIERCRM-CO Interface: Hierarchy Node TableLO
CRMD_CO_ITEMCO Account Assignment of Sales ItemsLO
ECP_FTAB_NUMList of numeric fields for collecting dataLO
ECP_KEY_INDXE&C portal: Index Table for E&C PortalLO
EPM_KPI_USERUser-Dependent Settings for Individual KPIsLO
EPM_KPI_VIEWAssignment of KPIs to User-Specific ViewsLO
OIO_CM_SPROCRLM Supply Process (IS-Oil Remote Logistics Management)LO
ECP_FUNCT_CUSFunctions for iView IDsLO
ECP_PO_STATUSStatus for completion of POLO
MGWUSRF4MATNRSelection Worklist (User)LO
CRMC_CO_HIER_DCRM-CO Interface: Description of Hierarchy NodesLO
CRMC_LOG_GROUPCRM Service: Logistics Integration - Grouping CustomizingLO
CRMC_LOG_TOJTBCRM Service: Valid Object TypesLO
CRMD_CO_HEADERCO Account Assignment of Sales TransactionsLO
CRMM_IPM_LNGCOIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Language)LO
CRMM_IPM_MRKCOIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Market)LO
CRMM_IPM_TRRCOIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Territory)LO
CRM_SRV_LOG_SCCRM Service: Logistics ScenariosLO
CRM_SRV_RESERVCRM Service ReservationsLO
ECP_FIELDTABLEData fields for communication with the contracting portalLO
ECP_FIELDTABTXE&C portal: text table of the ecp_fieldtableLO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPEList of functions supported by SAPLO
EPM_TARGET_SYSPrimary System for KPIs and KPI valuesLO
EPM_USER_GATESUser-Dependent Settings for Individual Threshold ValuesLO
EPM_USER_TEXTSUser-Dependent Settings for Individual KPIsLO
MILL_ATRKZ_PARMill: Parameters for Order IndicatorLO
CND_MAPC_FIL_UAFilter Table for Condition Usage and ApplicationLO
CPSTOCK_HISTORYHistory Table for Table CPSTOCK for Delta DownloadLO
CRMC_CO_HIER_IDCRM-CO Interface: COPA-ID Hierarchy NodesLO
CRMC_CO_HTREE_DDescription for Hierarchy Trees CreatedLO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGKPIs Available in Company CatalogLO
EPM_USER_ALERTSUser-Dependent Alerts for KPIsLO
CND_MAPC_PASS_UAFilter Table for Condition Usage, Application and Cond. TypeLO
CPSTOCK_P_FILTERTable for Filtering the Allocation to Specific PlantsLO
CRMM_IPM_LNGCO_TIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Language) TextsLO
CRMM_IPM_MRKCO_TIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Market) TextsLO
CRMM_IPM_TRRCO_TIPM: Rights Dimension Value Table (Territory) TextsLO
CRM_SRV_SCENARIOService Logistics Scenarios for Material WithdrawalLO
ECP_FUNCTION_KEYList of key fields for supported functionsLO
ECP_FUNCTION_LSTList of function types supported by SAPLO
ECP_FUNCTION_TXTText for list of functions supported by SAPLO
ECP_FUNCT_CUS_TXFunction for iView IDs (Text)LO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE_ORelevant object types for function typesLO
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE_TText for list of functions supported by SAPLO
EPM_DATA_COMMENTComments for Data Points in Trend AnalysisLO
EPM_KPICATEGORYTKPI Text (Language-Dependent)LO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGHHistory of KPIs in KPI CatalogLO
EPM_KPI_CATALOGTKPI Text (Language-Dependent)LO
IAOM_CRMSALES_SOTable of Lower-Level Objects for Acc.Ass.Man.Impl. CRM_SALESLO
OIL_ABFAC_VALUESFixed values for Air Buoyancy Factor (Oil, Natural Gas,...)LO
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SAP Commodity Management in Logistik Tables

CMM_D_IDXCommodity Management: Index TableLO-CMM
CMM_MD_CHARAssign Commodity Material to CharacteristicLO-CMM
MEV_D_WL_MMPeriod-end valuation: Worklist - Materials Management DataLO-CMM
MEV_C_CCODEPeriod-end valuation: Company code dependent customizingLO-CMM
MEV_D_WL_SDPeriod-end valuation: Worklist - Sales and Distribution DataLO-CMM
CMM_MTM_CALCAssign Condition Types to GroupsLO-CMM
CMM_MTM_BUKRSMtM Settings on company code levelLO-CMM
MEV_D_WL_ITEMPeriod-end valuation: Worklist itemLO-CMM
MEV_D_AD_ROOTPeriod-End Valuation: Accruals Document RootLO-CMM
MEV_D_AD_ITEMPeriod-End Valuation: Accruals Document ItemLO-CMM

Full List of SAP Commodity Management in Logistik Tables

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

A152Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/CustomerLO-MD
A153Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/CustomerLO-MD
A155Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales UnitLO-MD
DOSTDocument to BOM LinkLO-MD
WYT6Characteristics for characteristic value conversionLO-MD
EBEWSales Order Stock ValuationLO-MD
EQSESerial Number RecordsLO-MD
EQSTEquipment to BOM LinkLO-MD
CLSTLink class - BOMLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

SAP Product Data Management Tables

TPROProfile Names for ALE Change AuthorizationsLO-PDM
KLFBAssignment: Class to templateLO-PDM
TPRFLField Groups per Change Authorization ProfileLO-PDM
TCHUSSpecification system: user-specific valuesLO-PDM
TCH02Specification system: Profile for unit of measure conversionLO-PDM
TPRBOBusiness Objects with ALE Change AuthorizationsLO-PDM
TCH01Specification system: control dataLO-PDM
TPROOSequence of Change Authorization ProfilesLO-PDM
TPROXProfile Names for ALE Change AuthorizationsLO-PDM
CEPDOCB2E [PDoc] PDoc -> DMS MappingLO-PDM

Full List of SAP Product Data Management Tables

SAP Batches Tables

WBEWActive Ingredient ValuationLO-BM
R000Condition table for derivation strategy RLO-BM
T685RConditions: Derivation => default valuesLO-BM
MCHWTBatch Worklist TypesLO-BM
T148ZValue table for domain ZUSCH (deactivated)LO-BM
KONDRConditions: Derivation strategy - data partLO-BM
BNMATAssignment of Material No.-Number Range for Batch No. AssgmtLO-BM
T685HConditions: Batches => Default ValuesLO-BM
PRDKZSLED Period IndicatorLO-BM
PUROBOriginal Batch for Purchase OrderLO-BM

Full List of SAP Batches Tables

SAP Variant Configuration Tables

BCSTUser-specific settings in configuratorLO-VC
KRIFRichie RiffleLO-VC
TCUQConfiguration: Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
TCULConfiguration: Configuration Result LayoutLO-VC
TCUZConfiguration: Configuration Result Layout -Line-LO-VC
TCOBConfiguration: Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
CLRKRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOMLO-VC
TCUAConfiguration: Find Layout for Configuration ResultLO-VC
CUCOAdditional Data for Configurable ObjectsLO-VC
CUPEExtension to BOM Item for VariantsLO-VC

Full List of SAP Variant Configuration Tables

SAP Engineering Change Management Tables

EDGERelation Between Change NumbersLO-ECH
CCSEQChange Sequence GraphLO-ECH
CCSEQ_CYCLECycles (Change Sequence Graph)LO-ECH
CCSEQ_NODESHistorical Statuses of Objects (Change Sequence Graph)LO-ECH
CCSEQ_ACTIVE(De)activate Change Sequence GraphLO-ECH

SAP Electronic Data Records Tables

AUT_STXLSAPscript Text File Lines: Dummy Table for Audit TrailsLO-ELR
AUTTABLOGCustomizing for Table LoggingLO-ELR
AUTDTELLOGCustomizing for Change Document CreationLO-ELR
AUTTABLOGTText Table for Customizing of Table LoggingLO-ELR
AUT_TEST_2Audit Trail Test Table 2LO-ELR
AUT_TEST_0Audit Trail Test Table 0LO-ELR
AUT_TEST_1Audit Trail Test Table 1LO-ELR
AUTDELTTXIDLong Text Objects Not To Be Logged on DBTABLOGLO-ELR
AUTDTELLOGTText Table for Customizing of Change Document CreationLO-ELR
AUTTRANSLOGCustomizing, Assignment of Transaction/Objects via AUT02LO-ELR

Full List of SAP Electronic Data Records Tables

SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables

MCSIFile for Storage of Selection Versions (INDX)LO-LIS
MCS2Sample Structure for Structural Information - Info StructureLO-LIS
MCS0Reference Structure for Generating Info StructuresLO-LIS
S104Customer StatisticsLO-LIS
MCY1Objects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCYDEarly Warning: Groups of ExceptionsLO-LIS
MCS1Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEYLO-LIS
MCYBObjects: Early WarningLO-LIS
MCLIKey Figures in Information LibraryLO-LIS
MCYAEarly Warning: ExceptionsLO-LIS

Full List of SAP Logistics Information System (LIS) Tables

SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables

AUBFDocument Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)LO-MDS
AUFGAllocation Table Sub-Item, Store GroupLO-MDS
AUFIAllocation Table, Document Sub-item, StoresLO-MDS
B019Messages: Sales Organization/Distribution ChannelLO-MDS
AUKOAllocation Table Document HeaderLO-MDS
AULWDelivery PhasesLO-MDS
AUPOAllocation Table Document ItemLO-MDS
AUSBPlant Status TableLO-MDS
AUVZDistribution CenterLO-MDS
AUVWDelivery Phase for Distribution CenterLO-MDS

Full List of SAP Merchandise Distribution Tables

SAP Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI) Tables

TCLOI7Define general parameters for data transferLO-SCI
TCLOI9Selection profile for orders / operationsLO-SCI
TCLOI3Usage Filter for BOM SelectionLO-SCI
TCLOI1Usage Filter for Task List SelectionLO-SCI
AIDLOGAuto-ID Infrastructure Log TableLO-SCI
TCLOI8Capacity version for download of available capacityLO-SCI
TCLOI6Target System with Destination and Function for Data UploadLO-SCI
TCLOI5Method for Planned Order Selection by Work CentersLO-SCI
TCLOI2Status Filter for Task List SelectionLO-SCI
TCLOI4Status Filter for BOM SelectionLO-SCI

Full List of SAP Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI) Tables

SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

WOSASAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Entities TableLO-SRS
WOSAVSAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Document LinksLO-SRS
TWICSCMIACs Retail: Customizing schemasLO-SRS
TWICOBJIACs Retail: Customizing objectsLO-SRS
TWIC0252Retail Store GM: Assignment of Business Transaction GroupLO-SRS
TWIC0100General Settings for SAP Retail Store Goods ReceiptLO-SRS
TWIC0101Grouping of Reference Document Categs and Business ProcessesLO-SRS
TWIC0110Retail Store GR: Basic Settings for Goods ReceiptLO-SRS
TWIC0220SAP Retail Store GM: Basic SettingsLO-SRS
TWIC0250General Business Transactions for SAP Retail Store GRLO-SRS

Full List of SAP SAP Retail Store Tables

SAP Additionals Management Tables

TWEAIS-R Labeling: Check Table Material GroupsLO-ADM
TWEKIS-R Labeling: Check Table Customer/Plant GroupsLO-ADM
TWEPIS-R Labeling: Check Table Label CategoriesLO-ADM
TWETIS-R Labeling: Check Table Label TypesLO-ADM
TWEZIS-R Labeling: Check Table Labeling PartyLO-ADM
WESTIS-R Labeling: Master Data for ControlLO-ADM
TWEATIS-R Labeling: Text Table Material GroupsLO-ADM
TWEKTIS-R Labeling: Text Table Customer/Plant GroupsLO-ADM
TWEPTIS-R Labeling: Text Table Label CategoriesLO-ADM
TWETTIS-R Labeling: Text Table Label TypesLO-ADM

Full List of SAP Additionals Management Tables

SAP Retail Information System (RIS) Tables

MCWPSFile for storing results of function group MCWPSLO-RIS
TMCWBDo not use!LO-RIS
TMCWWCheck table: Time of day classLO-RIS
MCWSVFSelection Variant f. Reading IS Dynamically: Field Line DataLO-RIS
MCWSVKSelection Variant f. Reading IS Dynamically: Header DataLO-RIS
TMCWWTTexts for descriptions of time of day classesLO-RIS
ZSTARFMERKEnhancement for Article Characteristics in RISLO-RIS
TMCW_AA_APPMCCW_AA: Analytical ApplicationsLO-RIS

Full List of SAP Retail Information System (RIS) Tables

SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning Tables

S202MAP: Merchandise Planning StructureLO-MAP
S211MAP: OTB Evaluation StructureLO-MAP
S203MAP: Merchandise Planning StockLO-MAP
S204MAP: Merchandise Planning MovementsLO-MAP
S216MAP: Average Retail WOCLO-MAP
S206MAP: Store Planning StocksLO-MAP
S207MAP: Store Planning StructureLO-MAP
S217MAP: AvgRetail MONLO-MAP
S208MAP: Assortment PlanningLO-MAP

Full List of SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning Tables

SAP Agency Business (Global Trade) Tables

TMPAAgency Business: Control Data Profit SimulationLO-AB
TMFKAgency Business: Billing Document TypesLO-AB
TMTRAB: Transfer RulesLO-AB
TMZRAgency Business: Payment TypesLO-AB
TMFSAgency Business: Blocking ReasonsLO-AB
WBPAAgency Business: Business Partner AssignmentLO-AB
TMTEAB: Transfer EventsLO-AB
TMSBAB: Settlement BlocksLO-AB
TMKVAgency Business: Calculation Schema TransactionLO-AB
TMPRAB: Posting RulesLO-AB

Full List of SAP Agency Business (Global Trade) Tables

SAP Global Trade Tables

A163Number/MaterialLO-GT no.LO-GT
WBITAssociation Item at Step LevelLO-GT
TCOMDefinition of CommoditiesLO-GT
WBGTGlobal Trade: Generic Document InformationLO-GT
M000Master Table for Portfolio DeterminationLO-GT
TCOMTCommodity DescriptionLO-GT
KONHMPortfolio Determination - Data PartLO-GT
T685MPortfolio Processing: Portfolio TypesLO-GT

Full List of SAP Global Trade Tables

SAP Handling Unit Management Tables

VEPOPacking: Handling Unit Item (Contents)LO-HU
TVTYPackaging Material TypesLO-HU
VEVWWhere-Used List for Handling UnitsLO-HU
VEKPHandling Unit - Header TableLO-HU
P000Conditions for Packing ObjectLO-HU
KONDPConditions: Packing Object Data SectionLO-HU
TERVHAllowed Packaging Materials for each Mat.Group f. Pckg.MatlsLO-HU
TVEGRMaterial Group: Packaging MaterialsLO-HU
TVTYTPackaging Material Types: DescriptionsLO-HU
HURESTentative Reservation of HU ItemsLO-HU

Full List of SAP Handling Unit Management Tables

SAP Configuration management Tables

IBINCMIB: Config.Mang.: Component/InstanceLO-CM
IBSPCMIB: Config.Mang.: SpecializationLO-CM
IBSTCMIB: Conf.Mang.:StructureLO-CM
TCM_EXPLProfile for the explosionLO-CM
TCM_PFRELData storage for generic object linksLO-CM
TCMFOLDERSTable for sending CM foldersLO-CM
TCM_CTIME2List of Alternative Dates (Config. Management)LO-CM
T371D_CMEXTIB: Object Type Additional Attributes for CMLO-CM
TCM_PFOLDERConfiguration Folder (Configuration Management)LO-CM
TCM_PF_CONTTable for data container for product folder (Conf. Mgmt)LO-CM

Full List of SAP Configuration management Tables

SAP Warranty Claim Processing Tables

A388Country/Tax Class.-CustomerLO-WTY
A389Country/Partner/Tax Class.-CustomerLO-WTY
B361Rel.Vers./Partner TypeLO-WTY
PAWTYWarranty Claim Category (PVS Alternative)LO-WTY
PRWTYiPPE Relationship: Time-Ind. Ident./Attributes WarrantyLO-WTY
PVWTYWarranty Claim Item (PPE Variant)LO-WTY
CWTYVSActivation Table for Validation/SubstitutionLO-WTY
PNWTYHWarranty Claim Header (PVS Node)LO-WTY

Full List of SAP Warranty Claim Processing Tables

SAP ANSI/ISA S95 Interface Tables

S95_ALERTMaintain the S95 Alert CategoriesLO-S95
S95_XI_DESTMaintain S95 Control Recipe DestinationLO-S95
S95_ALERT_TEXTS95 Alert DescriptionLO-S95
S95_GEN_SETTINGSMaintain S95 General SettingsLO-S95

SAP Service Parts Management Tables

T163QProfile: Quantity Differences Shipping Notif./Inb. DeliveryLO-SPM
BORGR_FUNCInbound Delivery Tracking: User FunctionsLO-SPM
BORGR_FCODEInb. Del. Tracking: Internal Error Codes for Dialog ControlLO-SPM
BORGR_FUNCTInbound Delivery Tracking: Texts for User FunctionsLO-SPM
BORGR_EVENTSTable for Dialog Sychronization Two-Step GR AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_UGROUPUser Groups Goods Receipt Dialog AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_PROFOBJInbound Delivery Tracking: Subscreens of ObjectsLO-SPM
BORGR_UGROUPTUser Groups Goods Receipt Dialog AutomotiveLO-SPM
BORGR_PROFILEGoods Receipt Automotive: ProfilesLO-SPM
BORGR_PROF_SELGoods Receipt Automotive: Selection Conditions in ProfileLO-SPM

Full List of SAP Service Parts Management Tables

SAP Advanced Returns Management Tables

MSR_I_SEQMulti-step returns -sequence bundles stepsLO-ARM
MSR_I_CODEMulti-step returns - follow-up action from user perspectiveLO-ARM
MSR_C_CODEAdvanced Returns Management - Follow-Up ActivitiesLO-ARM
MSR_D_ITEMAdvanced Returns Management - Tracking Item DataLO-ARM
MSR_D_HEADAdvanced Returns Management - Tracking Header DataLO-ARM
MSR_I_STEPMulti-step returns - atomic unit of a returnsLO-ARM
MSR_C_ABGRURejection ReasonsLO-ARM
MSR_I_CHAINMulti-step returns - link between current state and plannedLO-ARM
MSR_I_SEQ_TMulti-step returns - associated text table to MSR_I_SEQLO-ARM
MSR_C_ABGRUTMulti-step returns - Rejection reasonLO-ARM

Full List of SAP Advanced Returns Management Tables

SAP ERP Logistik Integration Tables

TMS_C_SHPExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. SHPLO-INT
TMS_C_PURExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. PURLO-INT
TMS_C_SLSExt.Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relevance SDLO-INT
TMS_C_TRAExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. TRALO-INT
TMS_C_STOHOLSTO: Handover Loc depending on supply. plant & receiv. plantLO-INT
L2TC_COMP_EXPRaw exposure aggregation rulesLO-INT
TMS_C_CONTROLExt. Transport Management: Transfer ControlLO-INT
L2TC_CONDICOMMCondition type - Commodity ID MappingLO-INT
LOGTRM_RDP_HDRRisk Distribution Plan: HeaderLO-INT
LOGTRM_RDP_ITMRisk Distribution Plan: ItemLO-INT

Full List of SAP ERP Logistik Integration Tables