SAP Table - T003M

SAP TableT003M
DescriptionTransaction/Event Types for SAPMM07M/SAPMM07I
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInventory Management

SAP Inventory Management Tables

T063DScreen Control: View in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
IMEXTEnhancement Fields for Goods ReceiptMM-IM
MYPS2Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO ValuationMM-IM
TMY02Balance Sheet Valuation Method (LIFO/FIFO)MM-IM
UKPFRetail Revaluation Document: Revaluation HeaderMM-IM
T063Screen Control: Inventory ManagementMM-IM
MYMBEW_BUKRSIndex Table for Material Company CodeMM-IM
MWXVM07MFields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07MMM-IM
T064FFunction Codes: Physical InventoryMM-IM
MYPS3Rule Type for Reassignment of Material LayersMM-IM

Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tables