SAP Table - T042ZF

SAP TableT042ZF
DescriptionAllocation: Branch - (Paying) Company Code
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryLocalization

SAP Localization Tables

ISJPPATTERNBank charge patternFI-LOC
J_3RFIN_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - invoicesFI-LOC
IDCN_DOCTYPAssign Account Document Type for Vorcher TypeFI-LOC
J_3RF_TTAX_NPRRussian transport new tax priv. values and justificationsFI-LOC
J_3RTVEHICLTime independent master record tax parameters of vehiclesFI-LOC
FIAASKD_SUBACQUISlovakia: FIAA Subsequent Acquisition PostingsFI-LOC
J_3RUMSVTax Balances per Comp.Code, Tax Code and Process.Key+ clientFI-LOC
J_1AR_DTYPEARG - Gross Income Perception Customer DataFI-LOC
J_1BIV05BUZID with special handling for NFFI-LOC

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