SAP Table - T045DTA

SAP TableT045DTA
DescriptionDME file check table for bill of exchange presentation
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAccounts Receivable

SAP Accounts Receivable Tables

T060Rules for A/R and A/P information systemFI-AR
MHNKDunning data (account entries)FI-AR
FSEPA_INST_CDLocal Instrument and Lead Times for SEPA Direct DebitsFI-AR
T056XText table for interest indicatorsFI-AR
T047FSorting of dunning lettersFI-AR
FSEPA_INST_SLPriority Rules for Local Instrument and Lead TimesFI-AR
T056FReference interest ratesFI-AR
KNKKF1Credit Management: FI Status DataFI-AR
LWM_CFS_MSGMTTFinFactSheet - Texttable for Company Code GroupsFI-AR
T687TAccount Determination: Account Key TextsFI-AR

Full List of SAP Accounts Receivable Tables