SAP Table - T056B

SAP TableT056B
DescriptionTransaction Types
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAccounts Receivable

SAP Accounts Receivable Tables

KNVDCustomer master record sales request formFI-AR
T060UDescription of evaluation views for A/R and A/P info systemFI-AR
T040Dunning keysFI-AR
KNKKF2Credit Management: Open Items by Days in ArrearsFI-AR
LWM_CFS_MSGMT_CCFinFactSheet - Assignment of Company Codes to GroupsFI-AR
T045DTADME file check table for bill of exchange presentationFI-AR
T047IStandard texts for dunning noticesFI-AR
MHNDODunning data version before the next changeFI-AR
T047SName of grouping rulesFI-AR
T045LCharges table for bill/ex.presentation (country-specific)FI-AR

Full List of SAP Accounts Receivable Tables