SAP Table - T060T

SAP TableT060T
DescriptionEvaluation names in the FI information system
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAccounts Receivable

SAP Accounts Receivable Tables

T047SName of grouping rulesFI-AR
LWM_CFS_DCCRMODEFinFactSheet - Creation Mode for Dispute CasesFI-AR
T056BTransaction TypesFI-AR
SEPA_NR_CUSTSEPA Mandate Reference ID: Number Range CustomizingFI-AR
T056TText table for transaction types(int.calc.reports)FI-AR
T056FReference interest ratesFI-AR
T056ATime-dependent conditionsFI-AR
MHNKAVersion administration of dunning changesFI-AR
T060SEvaluation views for A/R and A/P information systemFI-AR
T061RFI-ARI: Active external partner productsFI-AR

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