SAP Table - T130D

SAP TableT130D
DescriptionScreen data
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryLogistics Basic Data

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

WSORPControl Parameters for Assortments and ListingLO-MD
MSKUSpecial Stocks with CustomerLO-MD
WRFT_CONS_PROCGSeasonal Procurement: Consignment ControlLO-MD
WEWUEMU: Planning of currency conversionsLO-MD
TWBBPAssortment list profile dataLO-MD
ERP_VEND_APPLOGVendor API Application Log configurationLO-MD
T134WInitial Status of BatchLO-MD
WER_TEST_PREDEFTest table for predefined typesLO-MD
WRF_RPR_WAPLAssignment of Plants to Local Plant GroupsLO-MD
EANC_IOPROCESSTable in Which the Processes to be Mapped are DefinedLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables