SAP Table - T134H

SAP TableT134H
DescriptionOrganiz. Unit: Business Area Determ. - MM View
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryInventory Management

SAP Inventory Management Tables

TNIW9Reduction of Sales Prices (Lowest Value)MM-IM
T157HHelp Texts for Movement TypesMM-IM
T023WControl Table for Value-Only Material DeterminationMM-IM
WRMA_LINKLinking of BI and ERP Condition TypeMM-IM
MIGO_INITControl Table for Operation in Transaction MIGOMM-IM
T158ITransaction Control: Physical InventoryMM-IM
T150Physical Inventory Stock Types and Allocated Movement TypesMM-IM
TXSTAMM Inventory Mngmt: Work Table for Phys. Inv. Doc. ArchivingMM-IM
TWDRTransactions with Automatic Revaluation at RetailMM-IM
TMY06Balance Sheet Valuation: Constants for DB CommitMM-IM

Full List of SAP Inventory Management Tables