SAP Table - T136V

SAP TableT136V
DescriptionAssignment of Stock Line to Version for Segregated List
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryLogistics Basic Data

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

TWRF16TDescription: group applicationLO-MD
SER07Document Header for Serial Numbers in Physical InventoryLO-MD
EANC_MEINHGRPUnits of Measure Groups For EAN ConsistecyLO-MD
WRF_ASGMT_DELDeletion Table for Fixture AssignmentsLO-MD
WESC_APPL_SERVApplication Service ImplementationLO-MD
WER_DBE_FIELD_AAction database enrichment field assignment (Customers)LO-MD
MLGN_TMPFile for Incorrect Data in Direct InputLO-MD
WKBKPricing document: headerLO-MD
TB070T_CMTax Classification: Tax Types per Country, NamesLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables