SAP Table - T163Q_B

SAP TableT163Q_B
DescriptionRelevant Movement Types for Shipping Notif./Inb. Delivery
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryIndustry Solution Automotive

SAP Industry Solution Automotive Tables

CVLC18VVELO : Vehicle Search Area - Sales OrganizationIS-A
PICHDParts Interchangeability Header Data (Sus+MPN)IS-A
BORRTTSIDTText to external (new) route schedule IDIS-A
S2L_GLOBAL_DATAUser-specific Save for Global SettingsIS-A
TSUM2TControl Cycle Profile (External Procurement) - TextIS-A
CHUWMPUTTPicking Profile Customizing: Description for ApplicationIS-A
JITPPJIT : Production InformationIS-A
CRLEVTYCControl for RP account posting dep. on transaction typeIS-A
DPVMSC_FUNCTNTVMS DP : Description of FunctionIS-A

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