SAP Table - T270D

SAP TableT270D
DescriptionMaster data table: Distribution Channel
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryExecutive Information System

SAP Executive Information System Tables

TKCSDBasic field catalog SAP-EIS, linked characteristicsEC-EIS
TKEBYExceptions (reference to reporting object)EC-EIS
TKEV7Language-Dependent Variant Information for Drilldown ReportgEC-EIS
CF999example aspect 999EC-EIS
TKEBGGraphic settings for hierarchy graphicEC-EIS
TKCMPVTEC-BP: Parameterization Texts for Planning RunsEC-EIS
TKEBWDescription of exceptionsEC-EIS
TKED3Key figures for object displayed in data miningEC-EIS
T2821Master data texts: CITY (X)EC-EIS
TKCVSTVersion texts (EC-EIS)EC-EIS

Full List of SAP Executive Information System Tables