SAP Table - T414T

SAP TableT414T
DescriptionExplosion type description
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics - General
Sub CategoryLogistics Basic Data

SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables

MATGRP_STRUCTLanguage-Dependent Name of a Hierarchy NodeLO-MD
CSUSR_DATAUser-defined data for order browserLO-MD
STVBBills of Material - Serialization of PostingLO-MD
TWPTTText: price band categoryLO-MD
MSOATotal Sales Orders on Hand with VendorLO-MD
T6WFGDegree of FashionLO-MD
WRF_ASORT_CREA_TText Table Assignment Creation Mode for No. Range AssortmentLO-MD
TCS33BOM Field Selection (SAP)LO-MD
TWGFArea schemaLO-MD
WRFT_APC_PSCDItem Date Settings in Purchasing ListsLO-MD

Full List of SAP Logistics Basic Data Tables