SAP Table - T439T

SAP TableT439T
DescriptionTexts for lot-sizing procedures
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryMaterial Requirements Planning

SAP Material Requirements Planning Tables

CIFMDVRVersion Management for MRP Area ChangesPP-MRP
T460BSpecial Procurement Key ConversionPP-MRP
MDHSCluster Table BOMs Explosion (Shared Buffer)PP-MRP
T462ALogical Destination for Parallel ProcessingPP-MRP
T465Evaluation Profile Ranges of CoveragePP-MRP
T440CPlanning file entries for goods movementsPP-MRP
T440FException messages for the forecastPP-MRP
T438UAbsolute Intervals for Range of Coverage ProfilePP-MRP
T46ATAction code descriptionPP-MRP
MDMULTLEVDELAYMultilevel Delay Calculated via Order ReportPP-MRP

Full List of SAP Material Requirements Planning Tables