SAP Table - T463T

SAP TableT463T
DescriptionText_table for T463 : Customizing Display Filter
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryProduction Planning and Control
Sub CategoryMaterial Requirements Planning

SAP Material Requirements Planning Tables

T458DTexts for Selection GroupPP-MRP
T438YAbsolute Periods for Period Profile for Safety TimePP-MRP
CIFMDVRVersion Management for MRP Area ChangesPP-MRP
KDPLIndex customer order -> planned orderPP-MRP
MDSMSimulative dependent requirementsPP-MRP
U444BUser Settings for Flexible Transaction CallsPP-MRP
T457IMPS evaluations: long textsPP-MRP
U444CUser Settings For Flexible Transaction Calls Per MRP ElementPP-MRP
KDVLIndividual Customer Planning File Entry, Long-Term PlanningPP-MRP
T439HPP planning periods: long textsPP-MRP

Full List of SAP Material Requirements Planning Tables