SAP Table - T512T

SAP TableT512T
DescriptionWage Type Texts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryPersonnel Administration

SAP Personnel Administration Tables

T7INPEW3TP2E: Agent Code TextPA-PA
T7SA40Saudization Color ranges as per Line of BusinessPA-PA
T503Employee Group/SubgroupPA-PA
T5E07Health services amounts for company contributing to S.I.PA-PA
T5E68Assignment of contracts to groupsPA-PA
T7INJ5HR-IN: Loans Dusbursement SchedulePA-PA
PA0059HR Master Record: Infotype 0059 (Social Insurances - NL)PA-PA
T77SFI_COMP_MPFTField Set IDs for export of compensation data to SFSFPA-PA

Full List of SAP Personnel Administration Tables