SAP Table - T526

SAP TableT526
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryPersonnel Administration

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T5H4ASI accounting - 5 char. remote code - eval. class relationsPA-PA
PA0257Infotype 0257 - Annual tax calculation SKPA-PA
T7INW1Personnel area/subarea grouping for Labour Welfare FundPA-PA
T7TW12Reason for NHI Status Change (Text)PA-PA
T5BDRMTGrouping of deductions for DMFAPA-PA
PA0084HR Master Record: Infotype 0084 (Sickness Pay Control - GB)PA-PA
T7IND1Dearness allowance consumer price index masterPA-PA
T752ALast Send Date for Object IDsPA-PA
T7GR1WTHCharacteristics of WagetypesPA-PA
PA0184HR Master Record: Infotype 0184 [Resume text] (SG)PA-PA

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