SAP Table - T555I

SAP TableT555I
DescriptionPDC Master Record Information
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPersonnel Time Management

SAP Personnel Time Management Tables

CC1TEVTemporary Buffer for Time Events from CC1PT
PTBLPTPCLCOUNTRYTMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type ClassesPT
T555CPermitted PDC PIN CodesPT
T559STexts for Rounding RulesPT
T556RRules for Deduction Sequence for Absence QuotasPT
T569WTexts for Recalculation CategoriesPT
T554TAbsence and Attendance TextsPT
T7TIM_BUMOD_DISTAssignment of Distribution Method to a BURUL StepPT
T554XRules for Attendance/Absence Counting and Leave DeductionPT

Full List of SAP Personnel Time Management Tables