SAP Table - T555J

SAP TableT555J
DescriptionTransfer to Time Types
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPersonnel Time Management

SAP Personnel Time Management Tables

TPT_FIELD_CAT_TField Catalog TextPT
PTARQ_ATTS_INFOLeave Request: Attendance DataPT
T705BPDC Processing StatusesPT
TPT_PAIRSTAT2Pair Formation: Status TablePT
PTARQ_EXTRA_INFOLeave Request: Additional Fields for Attendances/AbsencesPT
TOPRKLog MessagesPT
PTREQ_ATTABSDATARequest Data for Attendances/AbsencesPT
T554ABreakdown of Absences After Quota DeductionPT
T555ATime TypesPT
T557MTime Types Relationships Table (from Period Totals Table)PT

Full List of SAP Personnel Time Management Tables