SAP Table - T5B7A

SAP TableT5B7A
DescriptionText Table Systems Work Schedules (B)
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPersonnel Management
Sub CategoryPersonnel Administration

SAP Personnel Administration Tables

PA0968HR master record infotype 0968PA-PA
T7INE3Employees' state insurance contribution ratesPA-PA
T519TFinal CertificatesPA-PA
T7RUCESSACTCessation of activity of organizationPA-PA
T7AR25Locality code for SIJP: T7AR24 textsPA-PA
T7MXCEGP01MX CE : specification value for employment contractsPA-PA
T7RU554SAdditional property of SocInsurance Absence TypesPA-PA
T577Family CharacteristicsPA-PA
T539APlanned Remuneration SpecificationPA-PA

Full List of SAP Personnel Administration Tables