SAP Table - T5T62

SAP TableT5T62
DescriptionHR master record Infotype 0620
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPayroll

SAP Payroll Tables

T7BGE2Limits for External deductionsPY
T7SI60Warning and error messages from operation SIMSGPY
T7ROA6Contr. H - received/deducted amount from the authoritiesPY
T7RO4BForms - field propertiesPY
T7SI4FReports - user-exitsPY
T7BGB3Income code for civil contractPY
T5T55Configuration table for IT0620, ...PY
T7UAN5Wage typesPY
T7UA_VERSNVersion NumberPY
T5TS0Central storage of XML documentsPY

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